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Newsletter No. 6 - 2021 EN

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Dear partners, dear friends,
Central Dalmatia has long awaited the moment when it will be able to welcome its visitors and bask in the joy of tourist visits at the heart of the Adriatic. After a long period of lockdown that put the activities of life, business and travel on hold, we can finally look forward to the days and months ahead of us filled with the vibrance of tourists in our towns and cities. Due to the improved epidemiological situation, backed by the fact that Croatia is now on the EU's list of “orange” countries no longer posing a high risk for travelers, tourist workers of Split-Dalmatia County are seeing a daily growth of reservations, inquiries and interest. Accommodation establishments on rivieras, islands and in Zagora (Dalmatian Hinterland) have been opened and are ready to take in guests by meeting high epidemiological standards. Pre-season visitors are already enjoying their stay there and tourists are increasing in number every day.
During the winter and spring months, our hosts in hotels, camps, marinas and family accommodation, as well as caterers, underwent training and preparations for the post-Covid season, ready to welcome all those who long for rest, security and relaxation. To make their enjoyment complete, numerous outdoor events, sports activities, races, fairs, exhibitions and festivals are organized, once again painting our squares and streets with cheerful colors of music, events and tourist liveliness after a one year break.
All this is accompanied by an increasing number of airlines to Split and Brač from Europe and a significant interest of foreign partners in doing business with Central Dalmatia. Split-Dalmatia County is the dominant car destination for nearby and traditional markets, where we have launched a communication campaign to introduce Central Dalmatia through social networks and You Tube channels, and we are also promoted by Google Ads (Adwords).
As part of our promotional activities, in cooperation with media companies and our Croatian National Tourist Board offices abroad, we have invited tourism journalists and agents in order to directly show them that they can stay and relax in our region peacefully and safely.
We hosted a group of 30 journalists from the Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia who arrived on the first Regio Jet promotional train from Prague to convey impressions of Split and Central Dalmatia and paint an objective picture of the epidemiological situation in our county.
We are optimistic, but also cautious and responsible in every business segment, and we are determined to put our best foot forward as hosts to each and every guest. With the fast approach of the beginning of this year's season, I wish you success in your work, in making new reservations and acquiring many satisfied guests.

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Joško Stella
Director of Split-Dalmatia County Tourist Board

Central Dalmatia in the “green” zone!

zerozone 6 2021

Last week, the European Center for Disease Control and Prevention (ECDC) moved the entire Croatian coast from the red epidemiological zone into the yellow zone, which was followed by the German state epidemiological Robert Koch Institute removing Croatia from the list of high risk areas on Monday. The Institute placed the Split-Dalmatia County in the green zone along with Istria and Dubrovnik-Neretva counties as well as several other continental counties in Croatia. At the same time, the whole of Croatia was removed from the list of countries with high epidemiological risk by Switzerland, meaning that all restrictions have been lifted for fully vaccinated persons and persons who recovered from Covid-19, but also those who have not been vaccinated nor recovered, but travel by land.
Given that the ECDC map, much like the opinion of the German Robert Koch Institute, is considered the most relevant indicator of destination safety for European tourists, key preconditions for a successful season in Central Dalmatia have been created in early June as guests who come to our region no longer have to self-isolate.

Virtual presentation for the Austrian and Swiss markets

virt aut swiss 6 2021The Split-Dalmatia County Tourist Board, in cooperation with the CNTB office in Austria, held a virtual presentation regarding the tourist offer of the county and the city of Split aimed at sales agents of travel agencies, tour operators and media representatives of the Austrian and Swiss markets. After the presentation of the tourist opportunities and novelties in Central Dalmatia, the participants asked many questions expressing their interest in visiting Central Dalmatia and the conditions of staying there during the pandemic.
On that occasion, the director of the CNTB office in Austria, Branimir Tončinić, introduced the project “Safe Stay in Croatia”. Communication with agents to date and all research has shown that a good epidemiological picture of the destination they are coming to and the implementation of health and hygiene measures will be the final decision-making criteria for potential guests.

Split-Dalmatia County Tourist Board prints promotional picture book “Dalmatian Comes Home”

dalmatiner 6 2021In anticipation of a good summer season as the Covid-19 pandemic in Europe and in our country is starting to weaken, the County Tourist Board printed a promotional 34-page picture book called “Dalmatian Comes Home” in ten languages (Polish, Czech, Slovenian, English, German, French, Italian, Chinese, Korean and Croatian). The aim of this picture book, which tells a story of a family that visits Split, Sinj, Komiža, Hvar, Bol, Brela, Biokovo Nature Park and Zaostrog with their Dalmatian dog, was to remind everyone that Dalmatian dogs originate from Dalmatia – Croatia.
The author of the text is Robert Škiljan, the illustrators are Maja Cipek and Niko Barun from the company Crno na bijelom from Samobor.
The picture book was printed at the Institution for Employment, Work and Professional Rehabilitation of Persons with Disabilities DES Split.
Our office will distribute the picture book to foreign representative offices so that it can, along with other promotional materials we have printed, come into the hands of families with children and be an incentive for coming to our county. The picture books were printed in 14,000 copies and will also be distributed free of charge to our guests in the offices of the Tourist Board of Split, Sinj, Komiža, Hvar, Bol, Brela and Gradac because they will surely attract the attention of families with children and be a nice memory upon returning home. All 10 language versions can be found on our website www.dalmatia.hr. The picture book has also reached the Czech families with children who will read it on the RegioJet train on the promotional ride to Split,
said Joško Stella, director of the Split-Dalmatia County Tourist Board.
Link to view the picture book....

Dynamic June at Split Airport

asplit 6 2021Split Airport has confirmed routes of 30 airlines in June with an expected 80,000 passengers. Eight regular lines have been announced to Germany, seven to France, five to Poland, four to Great Britain, three to Switzerland, two to Spain, Sweden and the Netherlands, and one to Serbia, Luxembourg, Belgium, Russia, Austria, Italy, the Czech Republic, Ireland, Ukraine, Latvia and Denmark. In addition to many airlines already operating to Split, many carriers returned to the airport in early June: Aeroflot from Moscow, Air France from Paris, Iberia from Madrid, British Airways from London, Luxair from Luxembourg, Ryanair from Dublin, Edelweiss from Zurich, Ukraine International and Windrose from Kiev.
France’s Volotea connects Nantes, Marseille, Bordeaux, Lyon and Toulouse with Split, whereas SAS and Norwegian are introducing lines from Stockholm and Copenhagen. Air Serbia will once again connect Split and Belgrade, Edelweiss and Croatia Airlines will operate to Zurich, and the British TUI is introducing routes from London (Gatwick) and Manchester. Numerous airlines have increased the number of weekly operations to Split, so KLM will operate daily on the route from Amsterdam, and three times a day in the heart of the season. Wizz Air is significantly increasing the number of flights to Split this year and will operate on six routes: from Poznan, Gdansk, Lublin, Dortmund and London, and Austrian Airlines is increasing the number of flights from Vienna. Croatia Airlines will operate daily to Munich and Frankfurt. In the first half of June, Split is already well connected with destinations in Germany, France, Poland, the Netherlands and Switzerland. Last weekend alone, 70 landings were made on regular routes and 8,000 passengers passed through Split Airport. If this trend continues, the Split Airport is facing a very dynamic summer season.

Diversified offer of Meteor Hotel in Makarska

meteor 6 2021After the completion of the second phase of the investment cycle that the Imperial Riviera started in 2019, the 4-stars Valamar Meteor Hotel in Makarska was successfully rebuilt and renovated. The investment was worth a total of HRK 85 million, and the famous Makarska hotel received a number of new facilities and now offers even higher quality accommodation. With its offer, Valamar Meteor Hotel is market-oriented primarily to families with children, guests looking for an active vacation and athletes of all profiles. The offer for families with children is particularly interesting, including the Super Maro – Valamar's signature program, which includes entertainment and animation for children of all ages, including teenagers. Within the Valamar Meteor Hotel, guests will also have the Valamar Stay Fit program at their disposal with a variety of recreational and fitness activities, as well as V Sport Point, with a range of attractive sports in one place.

A new hotel under construction in Postira

postira 6 2021A 4-star hotel is being built in Postira on the island of Brač, on the site of the former Sardina factory, which will open its doors in the spring of next year. The 230-room hotel will have indoor facilities, a wellness area, an indoor pool and a conference room, which is very important for extending the tourist season. Postira already has an excellent sports infrastructure, but new facilities are also being built – tennis courts, cageball and bocce court. A large construction site in a small town is accompanied by infrastructure works. The road to Dol ethno-eco-village is being widened, along with the construction of a sewer, whereas new nautical berths and works to expand the port of Postira should be completed by the end of 2021. The investor is the Port Authority of the Split-Dalmatia County, and the value is eight million HRK.

Hvar [PLACESHOTEL] by Valamar

hvar 6 2021At the end of May, a lifestyle hotel Hvar [PLACESHOTEL] by Valamar was opened in Stari Grad on Hvar, adapted to the needs of modern young people and targeting guests seeking freedom of choice, modern design and an authentic destination experience with full respect for nature and the environment. Lifestyle hotels have undisputedly become a trend in the world hotel industry in recent years because they are aimed at creating a unique accommodation experience and pushing the boundaries of the traditional notion of hotel management. The emphasis is on a unique experience and authentic service with the aim of attracting a modern audience, primarily millennials, who value such unique experiences, organic food, nature conservation and environmental sustainability.

Olive Museum opens in Klis

argopark Klis 6 2021At the end of May, an Olive Museum was opened as part of the Ethno Agro Park Complex Stella Croatica, owned by the Polić family. The museum provides information on the historical development of olive growing in Central Dalmatia, morphological characteristics and varieties of olives, how to pick, process and store olive oil, how to taste and recognize extra virgin olive oil, and the health benefits of olive oil. The director of the Ethno Agro Park Stella Croatica, Andrija Polić, spoke about the increase in the consumption of olive oil by the local population and pointed out that they are also working on a series of educational workshops in cooperation with the county. By the end of 2019, a total of 3,500 students attended their education on olives and olive oil and making Dalmatian bread over hot ashes. In addition to the olive museum, the Polić family has an ethno village, a Mediterranean garden, a tavern, a factory where they make their own pastry and natural cosmetics, as well as a botanical collection. They also organize culinary workshops, extra virgin olive oil tasting, presentations and excursions. The story of Stella Croatica is completed with the opening of the museum, all thanks to funds withdrawn from the pre-accession and structural funds of the European Union.

Drywall construction workshop on “Napoleon's Road” in Brela

suhozid 6 2021The Tourist Board of the Municipality of Brela, in cooperation with the professional association “4 grada Dragodid”, organized the first workshop on drywall construction on the French road in Brela. The workshop was held under the expert guidance of five leaders from the association and with the participation of 35 interested workshop participants who indicated their willingness to preserve drywall construction, which is on the UNESCO list of intangible cultural heritage. The basic elements of drywall construction were mastered at the workshop and traditional materials were used.
The most beautiful, final part of the educational “French road” or “Napoleon's Road” is located in the Municipality of Brela, and it is open to visitors since last year. Ten interpretation boards along the road explain the historical construction method and the beautiful environment of the Biokovo Nature Park, the view of Brela, the Makarska Riviera and the islands. The French road on Biokovo above Brela is included in the Register of Cultural Property of the Republic of Croatia.

Via Brattia hiking trail is a new attraction on the island of Brač

brattia 6 2021A 140-kilometer long circular footpath Via Brattia, which connects almost all the picturesque towns of the island of Brač (Supetar, Mirca, Sutivan, Bobovišća na Moru, Ložišća, Bobovišća, Milna, Murvica, Bol, Sumartin, Povalja, Pučišća, Postira, Škrip) is the ace in the hole of Brač tourism. The path is circular, marked in both directions and can be reached from any settlement by following the blue and white markings. Via Brattia is a challenge for recreational travelers and mountain climbers who collect mountaineering stamps, but also for people looking for a new experience. In addition to the churches of St. Spyridon not far from Sutivan and St. Martin above Bobovišća, the attractive Blaca Desert, the Dominican monastery in Bol and the Franciscan monastery in Sumartin, the Basilica of St. John, Lovrečina cove with the remains of the basilica of St. Lawrence and Mirje above Postira, the longest tourist trail on Brač also features the Dragon's Cave (Zmajeva spilja) above Murvica where Glagolitic priests lived, Podsmrčevik – one of the five hamlets, the Pučišca Stonemasonry School, and the Museum of the Island of Brač in Škrip.
– After two years of work and constant delays due to the pandemic, our Via Brattia is finally ready. It is a joint project between all tourist boards of the island of Brač, the municipalities of Nerežišća and Pučišća and the Mountaineering Association “Profunda”. This project was also co-financed by the Split-Dalmatia County Tourist Board and we are certain it will complement the tourism of Brač in the best possible way, especially during the pre-season and post-season – said Ivan Cvitanić, director of the Supetar Tourist Board.
At each of the sites marked with numbers from 1 to 12, hikers will be able to collect a stamp to mark the locations passed on a map available in any tourist information center of the tourist boards on the island of Brač. Once all 12 sites have been visited and 12 stamps collected, the coat of arms of the island of Brač appears on the last page of the map, i.e. the image of St. George, the patron saint of the island of Brač, slaying a dragon.

Split has a new theater square

trggajebulata 6 2021Works on the square in front of the building of the Croatian National Theater in Split, named after Gaja Bulat, the legendary mayor of Split who initiated the construction and opened the Croatian Theater in Split in 1893, the largest in the region at the time, have been completed. With the completion of the works, the city of Split received a new attractive public city space, but also an open stage for certain theatrical performances. The works began in February this year and included the renovation of the staircase in front of the building of the national theater, setting up a monument to Dr. Gajo Bulat, landscaping of the corresponding monument area reminiscent of the former drinking water sources, and landscaping of the park with trees and lush bushes. The floor area around the monument to Gajo Bulat is paved with stone slabs. The needs of the Croatian National Theater, or rather the need for the new theater space, were taken into consideration by the desing, since it was concluded that the entire space of Gajo Bulat Square can be used as a space for outdoor performances at the Split Theater.

Exhibition “Saint Jere on Marjan – Culture of the Renaissance in Dalmatia to honor St. Jerome”

svjere 6 2021The exhibition “Saint Jere on Marjan – Culture of the Renaissance in Dalmatia to honor St. Jerome” will be held at the Museum of Croatian Archaeological Monuments in Split until the end of June. This is the first major exhibition with iconographic depictions of St. Jerome, the patron saint of the Split-Dalmatia County, and it is the piece de résistance of a series of events related to the national celebration of the 1600th anniversary of the saint's death. It aims to demonstrate the ways the cult of St. Jere was spreading in Dalmatia, especially since the end of the 14th century. This is the first major exhibition with iconographic depictions of St. Jerome whose cult is witnessed in the tradition of Dalmatia since as early as the 13th century. It is believed that St. Jerome was a Dalmatian and a Croat, as well as the creator and protector of the Glagolitic alphabet. He was also the first one to translat the Bible into Croatian. The exhibition consists of sculptures and reliefs depicting St. Jere from several collections from Split, Trogir, Hvar, Dubrovnik and Zadar. The focus of the exhibition is the story of the reliefs of Andrea Alessi on Marjan, since ancient lore says that that St. Jerome lived and worked on Marjan. Books, paintings and a chalice from the Treasury of the Split Cathedral are also on display in addition to to sculptures and reliefs, as well as Alessi's relief of St. Jere.
The exhibition is open to visitors until 30 June 2021 every day (except Sunday) from 9 am to 8 pm.

14th Mediterranean Film Festival

fmfs 6 2021The fourteenth Split Film Festival, which celebrates the diversity of the countries of the entire Mediterranean basin, will open on 17 June at the Bačvice Open-Air Cinema. The audience at the Split Mediterranean Film Festival will have the exclusive opportunity to be among the first to see the best of current Mediterranean cinema on the big screen, which is an unforgettable experience now more than ever, given that large festivals were mostly held online due to the situation with the pandemic. The marathon of as many as ten Croatian feature-length premieres opens with the award-winning Turkish film “When I'm Done Dying”, the tense Greek-Dutch “Do Not Hesitate”, “Night of the Kings” co-produced by France and Ivory Coast, the Maltese drama “Luzzu” and many others set to have their European premiere in Split.
– We hope hope that this will be the last 'restricted' edition of FMFS due to epidemiological measures. In a year that was challenging for the entire film industry, it is interesting to note that the Mediterranean cinema was extremely productive, so the audience will be able to enjoy ten equally interesting film titles and one of the strongest programs in the history of FMFS – said Alen Munitić, director of this event, which will show films from eighteen countries.

2nd “Wine, Olive & Heritage Festival” in Jelsa

fvjelsa 6 2021Jelsa is well known by wines, olives and heritage and this will be futher enriched by the second Wine, Olive & Heritage Festival, which will be held in Jelsa on the island of Hvar from 24 to 27 June, organized by the Tourist Board of Jelsa. The Wine, Olive & Heritage Festival will present and promote the culture of the island of Hvar in four days on several levels. The promotion of local wines and olive products of the island of Hvar takes the center stage. The festival is intended for domestic and foreign tourists, and the goal is to promote domestic Hvar producers.
The idea was to organize a festival created by local people and enriched with their products and ideas, but also to get to know and improve their knowledge of the Mediterranean cousine, which is the core of everything. The organizers say that the goal is to promote “all the best of Hvar” in a fun and educational way. At this year's competition in New York – NYIOOC 2021, Hvar's olive oil producers won 7 medals at one of the world's most prestigious oil competitions.
Detailed program...

Laser Radial Youth European Championship & Open European Trophy 2021.

eurilca 6 2021USailing club Marina Kaštela was elected as the host of the European Sailing Championship, which will be held from 25 June to 3 July 2021 in “Marina Kaštela” in Kaštel Gomilica. “Radial Youth European Championship & Open Trophy 2021” is an international sailing regatta for the most massive Ilka 6 (ex laser) class in which young sailors from many European countries participate. As many as 300 registered competitors with coaches and associates will come to Kaštela.
The competition will take place according to the rules prescribed by the international association of the EurILC laser class, and will be sailed on two regatta fields (Kaštela Bay or Split Channel). The regatta program will last for 7 full days. Since this is an open competition, competitors from more than forty countries will come

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