Charming island town with baroque architecture, but moreover a favorite port for sailors and hedonists


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Nautical center
Milna is the nautical center of Brač with a harbor and well- equipped marinas. Due to the mild Mediterranean climate, extremely clean sea and secluded position that protects it from the winds, it is an unavoidable haven for sailors from May to October.
Dry stone walls and “bunje”
The poor land of Brač is rich in stones, so in order to make it fertile the local people in the past took stones out of the ground and stacked them around. This is how dry stone walls and “bunje” – charming stone houses that served for break from physical work or as a tool storage, were created
Beaches and bays
Find time to relax in beautiful sheltered coves with crystal clear sea. There are a number of pebbly coves at your disposal, some of which have been maintained as bathing areas, and some still preserve the charm of untouched nature. Go for a swim in Osibova, Lučica, Maslinova bays…
Church of Our Lady of the Annunciation
The church was built in Baroque style in 1783 by Ignacije Macanović from Trogir with help from the builders from Brač. The church is adorned with an ornate façade and stone steps leading up to the church. The tall stone bell tower is older than the church itself and was built by Trifun Bokanić in the 16th century. Those passionate about art will be interested in viewing numerous sacred works of art and paintings, especially the painting of the Annunciation with the young Gabriel and the figure of Mary, which is in fact a work of the Venetian painter Gaspare Diziani from the 18th century. Today, the church is a protected cultural asset
Way of the Cross Milna – Osibova
A beautiful two kilometres long path leading from Milna to the Osibova Bay, is the traditional path where the Way of the Cross is held. On this path 14 stone chapels of the Stations of the Cross were built, thanks to the Skarneo family who had them built at the end of the 18th century. In Osibova, among the quieter and more beautiful bays on the island of Brač, there is also a small church of St. Joseph and a small church of St. John the Baptist, both often visited by believers

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Milna is an impressive destination that, in addition to a top gastronomy, offers plenty possibilities for active tourism, such as cycling, diving and sailing.

Widely known “brujet” (brodetto) is a traditional dish often prepared in Milna. It is said that there are as many recipes for brujet as there are Dalmatians. It is a complex version of fish stew that is prepared with several types of fish and some seafood
For a special treat someone will for sure recommend you “paradižot”, a Dalmatian classic that has its origins in Austrian cuisine. A thick liquid base consisting of a mixture of milk and egg yolk, to which blanched balls of beaten egg white are added
Experience the Adriatic Sea in a completely new way, under the waves. The limestone rocks that form the beautiful bays of Milna extend below the surface and create beautiful underwater cliffs, caves and pillars
The entire island of Brač is networked with cycling paths and in Milna you can rent a bike to start your adventure. This is a great way to explore the diversity and charms of the island

The fight for the islet

Residents of Brač and Šolta have been arguing for years over the ownership of the islet Mrduja, which is located in the channel between the two islands. This gave rise to one of the most significant summer events – The Mrduja Tug of War, in which the residents of Šolta and Brač, every year in July, fight for the supremacy over the islet by pulling on the ropes

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Sunbathing, swimming and outdoor activities are not the only advantages of Milna. It is a destination of rich heritage awaiting to be discovered by you

01 Vladimir Nazor’s house
02 Gligo Castle
03 Three sisters
04 Symbolic tower
05 Vičja port
06 Baterija Fortress
07 Polaca
08 Old shipyard

With a very favorable climate and almost 70 percent of clear weather days per year, Milna is an unsurpassed tourist gem. If we add a fact that there are no industrial plants in the area, it’s safe to conclude that the fresh air and cleanliness and the blueness of the sea in the bays of Milna are its most valubale benefits

Number of ship berths in Milna


With a bay that is protected from almost all winds and well-equipped marinas with over 300 berths, Milna is undeniably the nautical center of Brač


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Here are some suggestions on everything you need for a comfortable visit. Find activities to do and spend your time exactly as you prefer. If you need a place to stay, we prepared a handy list of hotels.

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Due to its micro-location, Milna is an ideal starting point for one-day trips to surrounding destinations. Discover the authentic Dalmatia

A world-renowned hit destination and the capital of the Mediterranean where antiquity and hedonism meet
A wonderous city under the UNESCO’s protection
A pirate town located at the mouth of the River Cetina, with narrow streets that will impress you
Makarska rivijera
Heavenly beaches and crystal-clear sea in hit destinations of Baška Voda, Brela and Makarska
An island of exceptionally rich history where the origins of Dalmatian and ancient culture were found
Authentic and untouched island, ideal for adventurers and those resisting commercial content
The island with the world’s most famous beach – Stiniva, but also the guardian of the Blue Cave on the islet Biševo
Walk the Game of Thrones paths and explore the ancient fortress Klis
The host of Sinjska Alka, a chivalric tournament with a 300-year-old tradition, and an ideal starting point for an excursion to the source of River Cetina
Take a walk along the Imotski field, taste the River Vrljika and feast your eyes on the Blue and Red Lake


Events in Milna

Mrduja Tug of War
Feast of Our Lady of Carmel
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