A mystical island of impressive beauty and history that preserves the Mediterranean as it once was and nurtures the Dalmatian way of life


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Heavenly beaches
The beauty of Vis is extraordinary. Due to the long period of isolation, it avoided excessive construction and commercialization, thus preserving the original Mediterranean charm and untouched nature. This was also reflected on the beaches, with no big crowds in sight, they are mostly given the epithet “divine”, and the sea is so clear that you can see right through to the bottom. Swim on the sandy beaches of Stončica, Milna and Zaglav or the pebble cove of Srebrna
Green Cave
On the southern side of the island of Vis, on the uninhabited islet of Ravnik, there is the Green Cave. The most magnificent work of untouched nature in the Adriatic Sea. Today it’s a favourite destination for sailors, but in the Second World War it sometimes served as a safe haven for small warships. The cave was named “Green” due to the greenish reflection of the sea, which is a consequence of the abundance of green algae that are found at the bottom of the rocks at the entrance. The cave is spacious with two large entrances, and swimming is also allowed. At the very entrance, your attention will be drawn by the chirping of birds that have found their shelter right in the cave
Queen’s cave
The Queen’s cave is located on the north side of the island of Vis, in archaeological finds from the Neolithic and Late Bronze Age. It was named after a legend that claims it was the home of Queen Illyric Teuta. The composition of the cave is quite royal: it consists of 5 halls and corridors connecting them. Some of the cave canals have not yet been explored. Although beautiful, the Queen’s cave is much harder to access than other caves. As it is not a sea cave, it takes an hour to walk along a narrow path east of the small village of Oključna to reach it

Escape to your own perosnal



On Visa, time seems to have stopped! Vegetables are still harvested from the garden and served fresh on the tables, domestic animals are kept in the courtyards of houses, and fruit is picked from the crowns of long-lived trees. Autochthonous Dalmatian cuisine and Mediterranean atmosphere are guaranteed here!

Viška Pogača is a thousand-year-old dish made of a combination of chopped anchovies or sardines, stewed onions, Mediterranean spices, olive oil and capers. Although it was a snack dish, it is so filling that it could easily be eaten for lunch
The well-known trump cards of Vis are the autochthonous Vugava and Plavac Mali, and you can taste the excellent island wines in numerous family taverns, cellars, and wineries on the exciting wine route
Where are the remains of the Roman thermal baths, where was the ancient theatre, where did Ranko Marković live, and which house was built by the Hvar poet Hanibal Lucić, why was Vis an important strategic stronghold throughout history… is only a small part of the interesting history and culture of Vis traditions you can explore on one of the town’s cultural walks
Head to the very center of the island and visit the mysterious Vela Glava, a former military barracks and former island command center. Then, climb the cannon fortifications on Cape Stupišće and take a walk through the sea tunnel in the Parja bay

Mamma Mia

The popular sequel to the Hollywood hit Mamma Mia was filmed on the island of Vis in 2017, and the charms of the beautiful Vis locations delighted the stars Meryl Streep, Colin Firth and Pierce Brosnan, as well as the entire film crew



Enjoy the enchanting beauties, hidden bays and one of the most beautiful archipelagos in Europe. Vis is a paradise for sailors, foodies, and culture enthusiasts. In the authentic island, called also the “Croatian Kuba”, you will truly find rest for the body and soul

Hours of sunshine per year on Vis


The climate on the island is Mediterranean with a hot summer. On average, Vis has over 2,600 hours of sunshine per year. Summer months temperatures are above 24 degrees Celsius, and only about 800mm of precipitation falls annually

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