Summer 2020 in Dalmatia from the Air: Gorgeous!

Many of those who came said that they had never seen the region so beautiful.

And they were right. 
Coronavirus dealt a huge blow to the tourism industry globally, but those who managed to travel to Central Dalmatia this summer were rewarded with an even more spectacular experience than usual. 
With less crowds and more time for interaction from the locals, even more tourism memories were created than usual.
And yes, it was incredibly beautiful. And will be on your next visit. 
The beauty of Summer 2020 has been beautifully captured by Toni Krstulovic in his excellent video recently uploaded to YouTube and entitled Summer os 2020 in Dalmatia. Croatia. 
Shot from the air, it takes in many of the bays, coves and islands in this astonishing region. A magnificent overview of Dalmatian beauty from the air. 
Can you spot any favourite spots of yours which you will be revisiting next summer?

easyJet to Maintain 7 Split Routes Until End of October

It has been uncertain year for flights around the world, with coronavirus putting paid to the regular travel schedule. 

But the good news is that planes are still flying to Central Dalmatia. One of the biggest passengers carriers to the Dalmatian capital is low-cost airline, easyJet, which brought in more than 600,000 passengers to Croatia last year. 
As with all other airlines, easyJet has had a much-reduced service to Croatia this year, but the good news is that easyJet is still flying from multiple locations, and it will continue to do so until the final days of October. 
This is good news particularly for our guests from the UK, from where 5 of the 7 ongoing routes to Split originate, with plenty of regional choice. 
The seven routes which will continue well into next month are: 

Split – Basel (until 24.10),

Split – Bristol (until 24.10),

Split – Geneva (until 24.10),

Split – Glasgow (until 25.10),

Split – Gatwick (until 31.10),

Split – Luton (until 24.10),

Split – Manchester (until 27.10.)

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A Football Match at the Bottom of a Lake: It Must Be Imotski

(Photo credit Vilenjaci & Vukodlaci Facebook)

What is the most unusual football match you have been to?

Ever been to a game played at the bottom of a lake?
One of the most curious natural phenomena in Croatia is the stunning Blue Lake in Imotski, whose breathtaking beauty combined with the nearby Red Lake is the town’s top attraction.
The Blue Lake is famous for its constantly-changing depth, as waters enter from the nearby mountains according to the season. 
On rare occasions, hot years with little rainfall, the unthinkable happens – the lake dries up completely. This used to happen about twice a century, but has now happened four times over the last 30 years. Including right now. 
And what to do when a lake empties? That’s right, you organise a football match, the only football match in the world played at the bottom of the lake. 
The unusual sport has quite a tradition in Imotski, and there are two teams who always play each other – the Vilenjaci (Elves) against the Vukodlaci (Werewolves). 
The match was last played back in October, 2017, and you can learn more in the video below.

This year’s rematch is set for Sunday, September 20 at 15:00. 
To learn more about Imotski, click here

Split Opens New Charging Stations for Electric Cars

(Photo credit Grad Split)

More good news for the environment and electric car drivers, as the city of Split has opened new charging stations for electric vehicles. 

Split Mayor Andro Krstulovic Opara was on hand at one of the new charging stations – the 200th installed nationally by the state electricity provider, HEP, on the junction between Domovinskog rata and Varazdinska ulica on September 15, 2020:
“Publicly available charging stations on Simiceva Street and Brodarica, then the one we put into operation today, are just part of the electric charging stations for cars that are coming to the Split area, and there will be as many as 22 by the end of the year. A smart city is our concept for Split’s future, where the electrification of traffic is a significant segment of development. This is a strong step towards that goal. This is a pledge of the green future of Split and a pledge of smart development of the city in the future,” said Krstulovic Opara.

The rapid expansion of electric charging stations is part of the Dalmatian capital’s strategy to become a Smart City. 

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Central Dalmatia – a Dream Waiting for You (Official Video)

If you could imagine a dream destination, what would it include?
Fabulous beaches, pristine season, endless sunshine? Stunning nature, adventure activities, incredible food and wine?
History, heritage and culture. Impressive palaces and fortresses of yesteryear. 
All mixed in with the greatest – and most relaxed – lifestyle in Europe. 
There is no need to imagine such a destination, for it is already here. Its name is Central Dalmatia. 
Find out more in our official video – Central Dalmatia – a Dream Waiting for You.