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Peruča Lake
Peruča Lake offers the pleasures of swimming, rowing, and fishing. This reservoir on the Cetina River covers 29 square kilometers and with Garjak rowing camp it is a paradise for water sports. The lake was created by the construction of a high dam near Vrlika for the needs of the hydroelectric power plant. On that occasion, some settlements and the Draganić monastery, built in 1395 during the reign of the Bosnian-Croatian king Tvrtko, were submerged
Cetina River Spring
Cetina, the longest Dalmatian river, begins its long journey to the sea at the foot of Dinara, close to Vrlika, where it emerges from several sources. The sources merge in Lake Peruča, from where the river flows with full force towards Omiš and into the Adriatic Sea. Due to its exceptional beauty and specific shape, the spring is called “the most beautiful eye of Dalmatia” and is one of the most photogenic places in the region
Church of Holy Salvation
Church of Holy Salvation is one of the most significant Pre-Romanesque Croatian buildings and it holds prominent place in the overall European Pre-Romanesque architecture. According to the preserved inscription, it was built during the 9th century. A large medieval cemetery with more than 1,100 graves was discovered in the area around the church. Among the many and varied grave finds, luxuriously made earrings and parts of a gilded silver belt decorated with chiseled human and animal figures stand out
Prozor Fortress
Prozor Fortress was built at the turn of the 14th and 15th centuries. Due to its preservation, it is among the most significant medieval fortifications in Dalmatian hinterland. From the fortress the views of Vrlika field, Peruča Lake and the town and its surroundings are impressive. It has an irregular rectangular floor plan with a central fortified residential area, which was accessed via a brick ramp and a wooden drawbridge
Guardians of the Christ’s tomb
The people of Vrlika live deeply in their faith, and the custom of worshiping Christ’s passion and resurrection has been cherished for a long time in the history of Vrlika. On Good Friday, members of the Brotherhood of the Guardians of the Christ’s Tomb take turns guarding the tomb of Jesus, while they are dressed in traditional folk costumes. Their service ends after the Easter Mass when they dance their folk dance in front of the church as a sigh of Christ’s victory and resurrection

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If you enjoy outdoor recreational activities, and at the same time want to feel the explosion of authentic flavors of the local gastronomy, then you should undoubtedly add Vrlika to the list of a must-visit places

Cycling along marked and unmarked trails, forest paths and roads is the best possible way to explore Vrlika and its surroundings. From easy rides on flat terrain to mountain biking on Dinara mountain, Vrlika has an offer for all affinities
Peruča Lake offers a number of possibilities for an active vacation on the water. From fishing courses to kayaking and rowing competitions
Make the most of your day hiking the beauties of Dinara and Svilaja. There are four marked hiking trails, and depending on your wishes and possibilities, choose the best one for you and enjoy the fresh forest air and the beautiful views
Vrlika is known for “uštipci”(traditional dough fritters), but also for its homemade cheese, prosciutto and quality wines from nearby vineyards. However, the main dish here is veal with vegetables “ispod peke” (under the bell). It is prepared according to a centuries-old recipe – under the iron bell which is covered with ember


Stećci are medieval tombstones that were created at the end of the 13th century and appeared until the beginning of the 16th century. Five plain and undamaged stećak tombstones nearby Vrlika are under the protection of the UNESCO

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Proximity to the sea and outdoor activities in the heart of nature are not all Vrlika can offer. It is a destination of rich heritage awaiting to be discovered by you

01 Vrlička Česma
02 Pločasti bridge
03 Milan Begović monument
04 Balečki bridge
05 Dinara mountain
06 Svilaja mountain
07 Folk costume of Vrlika

Impressive nature, cultural treasures, loads of activities and superb gastronomy. Add to that attractive holiday houses with swimming pools and other amenities and we can talk about Vrlika as a true hit destination of Dalmatian Zagora

The depth of Peruča Lake in meters


 Peruča Lake is the pearl of Vrlika region and an oasis for fishermen, adventurers and swimmers. The turquoise color of this reservoir lake will leave you breathless


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Here are some suggestions on everything you need for a comfortable visit. Find activities to do and spend your time exactly as you prefer. If you need a place to stay, we prepared a handy list of hotels.

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Due to its micro location, Vrlika is an ideal starting point for day trips to surrounding destinations. Discover the authentic Dalmatia.

A world-renowned hit destination and the capital of the Mediterranean where antiquity and hedonism meet
A wonderous city under the UNESCO’s protection
A pirate town located at the mouth of the River Cetina, with narrow streets that will impress you
Makarska rivijera
Heavenly beaches and crystal-clear sea in hit destinations of Baška Voda, Brela and Makarska
An island with thousand wonders, best known for its beach Zlatni rat
An island of exceptionally rich history where the origins of Dalmatian and ancient culture were found
Authentic and untouched island, ideal for adventurers and those resisting commercial content
The island with the world’s most famous beach – Stiniva, but also the guardian of the Blue Cave on the islet Biševo
Walk the Game of Thrones paths and explore the ancient fortress Klis
The host of Sinjska Alka, a chivalric tournament with a 300-year-old tradition, and an ideal starting point for an excursion to the source of River Cetina
Take a walk along the Imotski field, taste the River Vrljika and feast your eyes on the Blue and Red Lake


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Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary
Evening of song, folk dances and customs
Opera: Ero the Joker
World Competition in making “uštipci”
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