Milan Begović monument

Milan Begović was born in Vrlika in 1876. This erudite, world traveler and connoisseur of European literature is one of the creators of Croatian modernist literature. He was very prolific during the twenties and the thirties of the 20th century when his best works were created, such as the libretto for the opera “Ero s onoga svijeta”. It was the Vrlička česma that inspired Milan Begović and based on his libretto Jakov Gotovac composed the most popular Croatian opera “Ero s onoga svijeta”. From the first performance in Zagreb on the 2nd October 1935 until today, the opera has been performed hundreds of times. It has been translated into nine languages and performed on more than 80 European stages. But still Vrlička Česma was and remains an authentic location and the most beautiful stage for the performance of the opera



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