Folk costume of Vrlika

The folk costume of Vrlika is one of the Croatia’s greatest national ethnographic treasures. The story of the folk costume begun as the first weaver borrowed the basic ornament from the early Croatian stone monument and skilfully converted it to a decorative costume whose tradition lasts for centuries. The male costume is characterized by blue cloth trousers decorated with red, green, or blue silk threads and a waistcoat called a krožet. The women, over the shirt, traditionally wore a sadak – a long sleeveless dress, and during the harvest, it was common for a woman to wear a tunica dalmatica and an apron and belt over it. The splendour of the Vrlika folk costume can be best experienced by watching the famous Croatian opera Ero s onoga svijeta (lit. Ero from the other world), created in the Vrlika region



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