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Nothing says “Dalmacija”, like the blue sky, the beautiful coastline and olive trees ready for picking. In just minutes, you will become part of a tradition that has been cherished for generations along this beautiful Croatian coast. The hard life of Dalmatian farmers will come to life right before your eyes, and for a moment you will see what it was like to live and work in these areas in long-forgotten times. With professional help, we will teach you how to pick olives in the right way, because the uniqueness of Dalmatian olives is that they are picked manually, thereby keeping the tradition alive. These trees, perfect wonders of nature, offer not only an opportunity to experience the different cultures and heritage of the people living in this region for centuries, they also offer the option to return home with fond memories and a bottle freshly filled with ‘liquid gold’.

Tourist packages for 3 days. The programme of activities for the 3-day package includes: Day 1: arrival (optional tour of the city); Day 2: visit to the olive grove; Day 3: trip to the city market and late checkout. Packages are available during the olive harvest season (generally in October and November) for groups of at least two people. Accommodation is available in a three, four or five star hotels and transport is possible in our vans or buses. Professional guides are available in Croatian and English, and in other languages on request. All information is of a general character and is not binding; therefore, a request for a final offer is required.

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