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Magic on Peruča lake

When you arrive to Peručko Lake, incredibly  blue , mild green environment gives us the impression that apart from the monastery nothing else ever was there in that untouched  nature. At the bottom of the lake there are traces of flooded villages that at  some time were the biggest in this area. With the fall of water level which can vary up to thirty meters- a whole village dives out; you can clearly see its contours, the organisation of life it used to be . There are big houses under the water and the whole bridge across Cetina river which linked big Koljane. Cycling the paths around this artificial lake built with construction of plant you can feel the echoes of population once lived there.  Driving a boat  on relation Peruča lake- Dabar you will sometimes have the feeling you are hovering above the mysterious village. At the end of the day we shall leave you in peace to gather your impressions and return to Sinj.

sightseeing of Sinj ; cycling (Med Paths Aequum) Sinj – Karakašica – Suhač – Panj – Peručko lake, boat riding and rafting on relation Peručko lake- Dabar ; lunch in Dabar in veterans’ cooperative

Package can be organised for the period of two to three days. Framework programme of activities for three days package includes: 1 day: arrival to Sinj ; sightseeing of old city core ; 2. day : cycling (Med Paths Aequum) Sinj – Karakašica – Suhač – Panj – Perućko lake, boat riding and rafting on relation Peručko lake- Dabar, lunch in Dabar in veterans’ cooperation for adventure tourism  3 . day : return

Package can be organised throughout the year for groups of 8 to 16 persons. Accommodation shall be in a hotel and the agency can organise a transport too. Professional guidance in Croatian and English; upon request in other languages too. All these data are optional and not obligatory so please revert to us for final tender. 

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