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By traces of Jewish community

As one of the oldest monotheistic religions in the world Judaism has been present in Dalmatia since the times of ancient Salona. Important commercial port Salona attracted merchants and passengers from the whole world known at that time so it is not unusual that among Salona excavations several artefacts testifying existing of Jewish community at the time of Roman Empire were found. Though there are no precise data on concentration of community its very existence testifies the significance and cosmopolite character of ancient port. By the fall of Salona together with numerous and strong Christian community  Jewish community too found protection within the walls of emperor’s palace  which is proved by many documents since 15th century on. The way the Spanish inquisition influenced  Split and its development shall be found by discrete traces of Jewish community that we shall discover by way.

visit the ancient port of Salona and richness of cultures that were overlapping there, pass the streets of roman palace and follow the traces of Jewish community in Split and visit the old Jewish cemetery

Package can be organised for a period of two days. Indicative programme of activities for two days package includes : 1 day – visit of ancient Salona ; 2 day – sightseeing of Split and searching for the traces of Jewish community , visit to synagogue and old Jewish cemetery. Package can be realised throughout the year for the groups of 2 to 15 persons. Accommodation in hotels with  4*and 5* while the transport by motor vehicles and van. Professional guidance is possible in English and upon request in other languages too. All these data are optional and not obligatory so please revert to us for final tender.

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