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By the path of stone

Pučišća is a village that has been known for long time for its stonemasonry culture, harmony and unity of workers houses and baroque palaces made from white stone of Brač which leave leaving each visitor breathless. Tradition of stonemasonry is continued until today within stonemasonry school, unique of kind in Croatian and this part of Europe .Pražnica is a typical settlement in the island’s interior. After the short visit we shall visit the stonemasonry workshop where you will attend the presentation of the tools and methods of stone treatment and taste some locally produced liquors and cakes. In Donji Humac numerous stone houses, roman mausoleums and statues made of fine stone from Brač testify the long tradition of stonemasonry. Local church with beautiful baroque tower bell is dominating the vision of the village. The visit of the village will be followed by the visit to the famous art gallery with the possibility to buy souvenirs and objects made of stone.

walking through the village known for its stonemasonry culture, Visit to one of many stonemasonry workshops and learning about  the techniques and tools for treatment of stone. Tasting of local wine, liquors and traditional cakes

Package can be organised for a period of 3- 5 days. Indicative  programme of activities for three days package includes : 1 day: arrival to Brač, accommodation in Postira , 2 day: visit to stonemasonry school, workshop and  learning about the tools and techniques for treatment of stone , tasting of local products, visit to the art gallery ; 3 day: departure. Package can be realised in the period from May 1 up to October 31, for groups of 2 to 15 persons. Accommodation in hotel 3* or 4* or in private apartments while the transport can be organised by car, van or bus. Professional guidance in Croatian and English ; upon request in other languages too.  All these data are optional and not obligatory so please revert to us for final tender.

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