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Trail info
Length52.27 km
Elevation737 m
Bottom elevation75 m
Top elevation737 m

Towards Biokovo

This route is 51km long and is the route reminiscent of Dalmatia as it once was – virgin nature and rustic countryside. Start in Vrgorac towards Kotezi village – the descent is enjoyable as you look over Bunina field, hamlets and picturesque settlements, as well as Paklina – an out of service bitumen mine. Don’t miss the chapel of St Anthony the hermit in Kotezi, where services used to be held by the Franciscans even during the times of Turkish occupation. Opletje is an archaeological park found nearby with a medieval cemetery. Continue along the plain towards Kokorići – a Dalmatian village with traditional stone houses, full of historical and cultural heritage: houses, wells, inns, threshing floors, the tower of Pržo Prvan, and the medieval church of St Anthony. They were not built by architects but by common folk and are now listed and renovated and much liked by all who want to step back in time.

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