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Trail info
RouteLokvičići-Šumet-Perinuša-Glavina Donja-Donji Proložac-Postranje-Dolića Draga-Nikolići-Gornji Bekavci-Kavelji-Lokvičići
Length34.8 km
Elevation716 m
Bottom elevation263 m
Top elevation716 m
Start pointLokvičići
End pointLokvičići

The medieval tombstones of Lovreć

The parking lot near Zdilar hotel is the starting point of another asphalt route, that takes your on the road through Proložac Donji towards Lovreć, going through Dolića Draga. The road goes above the lake of Galipovac on the north side, where the view over the field of Imotski and Prološko Blato is magnificent. After the village of Nikolići, the route merges with the state road DC60 and then turns eastwards. After a short downhill ride, you’ll arrive at the small burrow Mramori, right next to the road, comprising of several medieval tombstones. There’s a legend that says that wedding guests were attacked by the Turkish rebel soldiers just before the wedding, so one of the tombstones was erected for the bride and her brother in law, the next one for the flag bearer and the last one is the tomb of the groom. The burrow also boasts the tombstone of Vlkoa Bogdanić, which has an inscription on its top, as well as the tombstone of Kustražić spouses. Continue by going off the state road into the settlement of Kljenovac and then to Lokvičići, where you can once again enjoy the view over Prološko Blato, the canyon of Badnjevica, Red and Blue lakes and the city of Imotski itself. Going back over Šumet and the cluster of mills Perinuša, you’ll end up where you started.

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