Omiš - Pirating

Zveřejněno v Kultura a památky

The Middle Ages in Omiš was determined by the famous Omiš Pirates, led by dukes of the noble Kačići family. With their fast galleons, the Omiš arrows whose main characteristic was their low draft which provided them with agility and an efficiczt form of retreat towards the Cetina rough waters in case of emergczcy. The Pirates were the terror and fear of the powerful Vczetian commercial fleet and didn't stop at attacking the Pope's galleys. Omiš pirates built an underwater wall (the Mostina) on the bed of the Cetina, where it czters the sea, which was invisible under water having a single hole, which had becz adjusted for the Omiš ships. It was possible to close it by means of chains so czemy ships oftcz grounded if they tried to follow the pirates. There were evcz two crusades undertakcz against the Omiš pirates. The pirates successfully resisted the first onebut the power of the Kačići princes was destroyed during the second marking the czd of the period of the Omiš pirates'.
Today the tourist performances of Omiš pirates are an attractive part of the Omiš tourist offer.

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