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Ever heard of Zoga Falo or Plojke?

Two traditional games played on one Dalmatian island and unknown by almost anyone elsewhere, with many people on Hvar also unfamiliar with either game.

It is a pattern which is repeated all over Central Dalmatia. So many traditional games which have been played in local communities, many of which are dying out as the younger generation prefers different types of entertainment.

In terms of the traditions, this is Dalmatia at its finest, but it is often hard for tourists to find access to this quintessentially local way of life. Until now!

This October, the Trogir Tourist Board plans to hold the first Festival of Traditional Dalmatian Games, bringing together communities of all generations in an Olympics-style tournament celebrating and highlighting the weird and wonderful Dalmatian games that have been played here for centuries.

The idea is still in concept stage, but the plan is to have several teams from all over the region (and tourist teams) in about 10 different traditional games in the squares, streets and cafes of the old town of Trogir.

The traditional games will bring together all three generations, which sports for kids, adults and grandparents to take part in. Each participating village will bring some of their traditions and souvenirs with them to make an unforgettable celebration of traditional Dalmatian sporting culture.

Interested in being involved? Contact the Trogir Tourist Board at Subject Dalmatian Games.

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