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Split Gets Happy AND Makes the Pharrell Williams Supercut

Split joined the global Pharrell Williams ‘Happy’ phenomenon earlier this month, as the citizens of the city came together to put on quite a show of music and happiness, showing off this beautiful city to the world. 
Such a hit was the Split versio of ‘Happy’ that it racked up more than half a million views in just over a week, making it one of the most successful versions of the video. If you have not yet seen it – or want to enjoy a little Split happiness once more… – watch it below.

Even more interesting, however, was what Pharrell Williams himself made of the Split version. To mark Wold Happiness Day, Pharrell put together a compilation of his favourite global Happy moments, and Split features very prominently. Check it out here, and congratulations to organisers and participants in a fantastic portrayal of the Dalmatian capital.