River Cetina in Lonely Planet’s Top 40 Amazing Experiences in Europe

It has not been a secret for anyone who knows Dalmatia a little, but now the world will know for sure – the Cetina River is an amazing experience! Who says so apart from us? None other than Lonely Planet, who have named the Cetina as one of the top 40 amazing experiences in Europe in a new publication to mark the travel guru’s 40th birthday. Lonely Planet says of our favourite river:

‘The Cetina is the longest river in Dalmatia, the sea-kissed jewel in Croatia’s crown. Stretching 105 km from the eponymous village, it flows through the Dinara mountains and the fields around Sinj, before gathering speed and pouring into a power plant around Omiš. It is an extraordinarily scenic journey as the limpid blue river is bordered by high rocky walls, thick with vegetation, and the best way to enjoy it is on a rafting trip, braving the rapids on a three-to four-hour trip.’

The book is available for free download here: http://www.lonelyplanet.com/campaigns/europe-experiences/