Medical Tourism in Central Dalmatia: Split Clinic Named Best in the World

While Central Dalmatian tourism is perhaps best known for its sun, sea and endless beaches, its tourism offer is evolving rapidly, as tourist look for more to see and do than just lying on the beach. There have been many new things added to the market in recent years in terms of activities, gastronomy, culture and sightseeing, but the region is also witnessing a steady growth in another market which is already booming globally – medical tourism.

Industry experts agree that Croatia has the potential to be among the top ten destinations in the world for medical tourism in the coming years, and that its combination of excellent healthcare, safety, temperate climate, outstanding tourism offer and widespread use of English, make it an ideal destination.

Already well-known for its affordable dentistry, dermatology and cosmetic surgery, the Croatian medical tourism industry received a strong endorsement earlier this month, when Bagatin Clinic, which has clinics in both Zagreb and Split, was named International Cosmetic Surgery Clinic of the Year by a panel of 20 independent expert judges at the prestigious International Medical Travel Journal 2019 Awards in Berlin.

Congratulations to the Bagatin team, and a reminder that Split is a centre of global excellent for medical treatment. And with the savings on offer compared to dental treatments in the UK, for example, high-quality treatment in Dalmatia AND an enjoyable holiday on the beach can often work out cheaper than having the work done back home.

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