Largest Aquarium in Croatia to Open This Weekend in Vranjic



The tourist attractions in Central Dalmatia are getting more diverse, and from Saturday evening, there will be one more great attraction, which is certain to be of interest to the younger ones, especially on a rainy day (not that it ever rains in Central Dalmatia!), with the opening of the largest aquarium in Croatia in Vranjic, near Solin, and just outside Split.

The aquarium has 800m2 of internal space and 400m2 of external. More importantly, there are some 400,000m3 of water for the fish to swim around in. On show will be a wide variety of the Adriatic’s rich marine life, including 20 types of shark.

The opening party is at 19:00, and there will be grilled sardines and various musical accompaniments. For more information, contact theĀ Solin Tourist Board.