Great News for Parents: Meet the Explore Split with Kids Tour

Diocletian’s Palace is one of the best attractions on the Adriatic coast, and this UNESCO World Heritage site is THE place to visit when you come to Split. More than 1,700 years of history and tradition is packed into this centre of central Split, and a walking tour through its streets is a must when you visit the Dalmatian capital.

But as parents we all know that this is not going to be an easy task with young children in tow. An ancient church does not have quite the same appeal to a 6-year-old looking for the next ice cream as it does for parents keen to know more of its history. And so, despite being a beautiful attraction, Diocletian’s Palace has not been the easiest family attraction.

Until now!

Meet the Explore Split with Kids tour:

It can be difficult to make children interested in historical tours, and Split is no exception. This is one of the very few children-friendly tours. I will give you an insight into historic attractions in a more simple and children-suitable way. As a father myself, I know stories and legends connected with Split. We will look for ancient hidden wall inscriptions and Egyptian sphinxes, pass through Roman gates, make a wish by rubbing a toe of Bishop Grgur’s giant statue. Depending on when the tour takes place, we will attend the re-enactment of the Roman guard ceremony and Emperor Diocletian’s salute, which takes place every day at 12. At the end, we will visit the oldest pastry shop in Split, tasting traditional homemade style treats. 

And the early reviews are certainly encouraging:

Ivica’s tour was wonderful. We took the tour he offers aimed for children and it wasn’t just the 8 and 6-year-olds who loved it; myself and my husband found it fascinating too. We definitely felt like we got to see parts of Diocletian’s Palace that we would never have seen on our own. Ivica engaged our kids really well during the tour, not only using age-appropriate language and examples but also maps and tick charts for them to follow along; he also had personalised certificates for them at the end (plus a sweet treat). I cannot recommend this tour highly enough.

For more information about this exciting new dimension to exploring the treasures of Split as a family, contact Ivica Profaca via the Split Tourist Board.