French Diver to Return to the Bottom of Red Lake in Imotski

It may seem incredible to imagine, but in 2017, there are still some parts of Central Dalmatia which are completely undiscovered by man.

One of those is the depths of the mysterious Red Lake in Imotski which, along with its Blue Lake counterpart, form the most important tourist attractions to the town.

Earlier this year, a French diver made history by becoming the first person ever to dive to the bottom of the Red Lake, some 245m in all. Having found the water initially cloudy, it then became very clear, and there were plenty of fish to be found in the lake’s depths, including a local species called gaovica, which have not been harvested in recent years.

The French diver, Frederic Swierczynski, will return this month for another scientific exhibition, during which he will be taking samples of the flora and fauna of the lake, which will then be passed on to experts. After analysis, at least some of the Red Lake’s secrets should become known.

One more fascinating aspect of Central Dalmatia being discovered.

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