Central Dalmatian Islands Feature in Croatia’s Most Heartwarming Project of 2019

Okrug Gornji was the place to be last week, as the most heartwarming project of 2019 ended on the Central Dalmatian island of Ciovo.

Rokotok is a 3-year project to honour the promise of a father to his late son, who died tragically at the age of 12. Not having enough money to take his son to Disneyland, popular Croatian blogger Ribafish promised his son, Rok, that they would explore Croatia instead, including visiting all 50 of Croatia’s inhabited islands.

They had visited 8 by the time of Rok’s untimely passing, and having spread Rok’s ashes near his favourite beach, Dad Ribafish decided to fulfil that promise by swimming between all 50 inhabited islands over a 3-year period.

Phase one was 17 islands starting from Dubrovnik and the most southern island of Kolocep. Over 24 days, Riba fish swam, taking in Vis, Hvar, Brac and Solta along the way. At every destination, he was met by between 30 and 200 kids who came to listen to his message of spending more time interacting with parents, nature and the environment, and less time on modern gadgets. There was a treasure hunt, and then Ribafish gave each child a copy of the book he had written about his conversations with Rok.

Below is the final leg, arriving at Okrug Donji on Ciovo, and you can listen to Ribafish’s message in the video above.

To learn more about Okrug Gornji, click here