Autumn on the Island of Brac Over 60 Years Ago – Heaven!

Time moves slowly in Central Dalmatia, and not a lot of things change quickly. And although tourism has brought development, the fundamentals of the traditional way of life here has changed little over the centuries.

Sometimes it is worth taking a step back and looking at the Mediterranean as It Once Was, and there are few better opportunities than this outstanding 1957 video of autumn on Brac.

It has everything – wine and olive harvesting, horse riding, tending to the fishing nets, and even a ferry trip to Split. Truly delightful.

“Autumn on the Island of Brac” is a documentary directed by Branko Belan and cinematographer Jure Ruljančić a film about life, people and customs on the island of Brac. Made in 1957 was Belan’s first color film.
One of the most beautiful ever made documentary about island Brač a long time ago.

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