3rd Olive Picking World Championships on Brac Won By Montenegro

Central Dalmatia has a great sporting tradition, and one of its fun facts is that Split has more Olympic medal winners per capita than any city in the world. And the region also has some rather interesting world championships, including the Cigar Smoking World Championship, which is held in Split each year.

But for something altogether healthier, natural and the essence of Dalmatian life, nothing can quite beat the Olive Picking World Championships, which took place for the third year earlier this month in Postira on Brac.

The event brings together olive picking teams from olive regions all over the world, who compete with their own olive picking styles to bring to see which team can pick the most olives in a set time.

This year’s event brought teams from as far away as South Africa and the United States, but the best performing teams were a lot closer to home, which Montenegro the runaway winners with 77.6 kg picked, beating Bosnia and Herzegovina in second and South Africa in third.

  1. Montenegro 77,6 kg
  2. Bosnia and Herzegovina 57,6 kg
  3. South Africa 56 kg
  4. Slovenia 53,4 kg
  5. Slovakia 53 kg
  6. Croatia 50,5 kg
  7. Poland 43,8 kg
  8. USA 41,8 kg
  9. Germany 40 kg
  10. Belgium 37,6 k
  11. France 32,8 kg
  12. England 22,6 kg
A wonderful few days in the October sunshine in Postira. One for your diaries next October? To learn more about Postira,  click here