Split Reveals Designs for Future Pazar and Fish Market

They are two of the very lifebloods of the Dalmatian capital, feeding tourists and locals alike for decades, which also being a major tourist attraction and introduction to the fresh and healthy lifestyle of the UNESCO Mediterranean Diet.

The fish market and pazar with its green market have been serving the freshest catch from the Adriatic and fresh produce from the fields around Split since time immemorial, and their popularity and usefulness only increases with time.

So much in fact that the time has come for both these essential pillars of the Split way of life to undergo some modernisation and upgrading. Mayor Andro Krstulovic Opara and architect Dinko Peracic last week presented architectural and spatial studies for the new-look fish market and pazar, while maintaining their traditional place in Split history.

A key consideration for the development of pazar is making pedestrian traffic easier – currently it is blocked by kiosks. It is planned that Hrvojeca Street be transformed into a full-width pedestrian zone, with sellers only allowed to operate with mobile equipment under strict regulations.

Plans for the fish market include expanding it into Marmontova with a brand new section, which would be same height as the existing structure, bringing new and old into one building. The front of the market would see a veranda to protect customers by the entrance, offer protection from the sun to its glass facades, and bring additional quality to Marmontova’s public space. This area could also function as a covered area used for other purposes outside the official opening hours of the fish market.

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Imotski to Complete Mercedes Monument by June 2020

It is famous for two of the most unusual lakes in Europe – the Red and Blue Lakes – but any local in Imotski who drives a car will take passionately about another thing which makes the inland Dalmatian town famous – Mercedes.

There is simply no other car to drive in the Dalmatian town, which has long been famous for its high ownership of the iconic German vehicle. So famous, in fact, that work has begun to commemorate this rather unusual relationship permanently in the form of Imotski’s latest tourist attraction – a lifesize stone monument of the legendary Mercedes 115 model carved from Imotki stone and weighing an impressive 36 tons in all.

“If you don’t have a Mercedes, you’ll have a hard time finding a girl. You cannot even sit in the front rows at church. Mercedes has one big rating, all the other cars, I will not name the brands, I must not, are for one use and can no longer be improved,” said  Imotski Oldtimer club president Ivan Topic.

“It doesn’t make sense for me to look for another car at all – only Mercedes, and that’s it. I don’t even think about looking at anything else,” said Ivan’s daughter, Matea Topic.

“The stone is from Imotski and we collected it carefully. He had to wait a year to keep it from cracking. The sculptors are ready; it is already slowly being processed. We will lay the foundation on the first beautiful day after these rainy days,” said Topic, shortly before work began last month. Completion is set for June 2020.

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Medical Tourism in Central Dalmatia: Split Clinic Named Best in the World

While Central Dalmatian tourism is perhaps best known for its sun, sea and endless beaches, its tourism offer is evolving rapidly, as tourist look for more to see and do than just lying on the beach. There have been many new things added to the market in recent years in terms of activities, gastronomy, culture and sightseeing, but the region is also witnessing a steady growth in another market which is already booming globally – medical tourism.

Industry experts agree that Croatia has the potential to be among the top ten destinations in the world for medical tourism in the coming years, and that its combination of excellent healthcare, safety, temperate climate, outstanding tourism offer and widespread use of English, make it an ideal destination.

Already well-known for its affordable dentistry, dermatology and cosmetic surgery, the Croatian medical tourism industry received a strong endorsement earlier this month, when Bagatin Clinic, which has clinics in both Zagreb and Split, was named International Cosmetic Surgery Clinic of the Year by a panel of 20 independent expert judges at the prestigious International Medical Travel Journal 2019 Awards in Berlin.

Congratulations to the Bagatin team, and a reminder that Split is a centre of global excellent for medical treatment. And with the savings on offer compared to dental treatments in the UK, for example, high-quality treatment in Dalmatia AND an enjoyable holiday on the beach can often work out cheaper than having the work done back home.

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Marked by Masters: New Branding and Promo Video for Trogir

A new look and feel for one of Central Dalmatia’s tourism jewels, as the town of Trogir last month became the first destination in all Croatia to brand its destination.

A very detailed study and research into all aspects of Trogir resulted in a new visual identity for the town, as well as a new slogan, Trogir, Marked by Masters. With so many masters contributing to the greatness of this unique UNESCO World Heritage Site over the last three millennia, several of Trogir’s modern masters were not only on hand at the launch of the brand on the main square, but also played a starring role in the new promotional video, which you can watch below.

The logo is based on an old Dalmatian game ‘trlja’, which has been played for centuries by children in the streets and squares of the old town, as it was again on launch day, as children from the local kindergarten came out to play a variety of traditional games in their newly-branded yellow hoodies.

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This is Money: Surge of 2020 Interest in Holidays to Central Dalmatia

Is another record season just around the corner for Central Dalmatia? If reports from This is Money are to be believed, Central Dalmatia is number one again for tourism, and 2020 has not yet begun!

According to the popular website, Central Dalmatia is the number one destination in Europe for Brits looking for package holidays in Europe next year. Here is what they had to say.

1. Central Dalmatia – Croatia 

There has been an 132 per cent increase of interest in package holidays to Central Dalmatia in the last year, showing Dubrovnik is not the only area in Croatia that Britons are interested in.

Resorts such as Brela, Tucepi and Makarska as well as the towns and cities of Split and Trogir are expected to be popular for many holidaymakers in 2020.

Seven-night package holiday searches – Britons’ most popular package holiday duration – have increased by 155 per cent to the region this year.

The coastline is a popular point for island-exploring but, back on the mainland, there is a lot to keep visitors busy including the medieval walled town of Trogir and its incredible Romanesque and Renaissance architecture and wine tasting at vineyards on the outskirts of Split.

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