Opening of New Split Airport Terminal is Imminent

One of the most important infrastructure projects currently in all Croatia is almost complete, and once open, it will improve the passenger experience for our valued tourist visitors considerably.

The new Split airport terminal is approaching completion, with final technical checks ongoing and final permits being issued. It is expected to open in the next two weeks, just in time to meet the demand of the peak season traffic.

The new terminal will spread across 50,000 square meters, which is a significant improvement compared to the current 14,000. The will be 30 check-in counters, 6 exits, 5 luggage carousels, a new sorting facility, parking for 900 cars, a station for 49 buses, and a 120-meter-long air-conditioned pedestrian bridge that connects it all. There will also be a lounge for business class passengers, an observation deck, and more restaurants.

“This additional space will enable us to handle 2,500 passengers per hour instead of the current 2,000. That totals 40,000 travelers per day,” said Luksa Novak, Split Airport’s general manager.

“On an annual basis, the extra capacity will enable us to handle an additional one million passengers. Depending on tourism industry trends, this terminal should cater to our needs over the next fifteen years. We expect new routes to be launched once the new terminal opens. Each year we expand with some five or six new destinations. We are currently linked with around 100 cities or some fifty countries. We expect for this trend to continue in the coming years,” added Novak.

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Split Mayor Published ’10 Golden Rules’ for Tourist Guidance

Respecting the environment you are in is a basic courtesy, and so too when it comes to tourism. With more and more tourists around the globe, the potential for misunderstanding and frustration rises, especially in the summer heat. In order to avoid this, the Mayor of Split, Andro Krstulovic Opara, has published his 10 Golden Rules for visitors coming to Split, which you can find in full below.

“Welcome to our dear guests,

Turn off your everyday life, take a deep breath, and immerse yourself in the magical world this ancient city offers. Relax and let the spirit of Split take you in because it will be an unforgettable experience of an open Mediterranean town. To ensure you can talk about Split as an experience you’ll want to repeat after you get home, I will help you with 10 golden rules on navigating the Split mentality and Split landmarks:

1. ‘Pomalo’ is a word that you will hear often. This is a town where no one hurries, so there is no need to be anxious if it is not right now. Pomalo, it’ll be, and when it is, it will be great. After all, you are on holiday.

2. I reminded our dear guests of ‘pižolot’ last year, and I don’t want you to forget. What a siesta is to Spain, pižolot is to us, an afternoon break from 2 pm to 5 pm. The sun is too strong, the temperature is too high and it’s time to relax to get the strength for an evening out.

3. Along with ‘pomalo’ and ‘pižolot’ is ‘fjaka’. With great satisfaction, people here interpret it as ‘a state of mind with a strong will to do nothing’. As the sun sets, the fjaka sets in, and the energy awakens.

4. On hot days, run to the beach. A clean sea in the very center of the city is something big cities can rarely boast. Can you recall the last time you swam in the sea in the heart of a big city?

5. Picigin is played throughout the year, only in Split and only at one beach. Bačvice. We even have a World Championship in picigin. To ensure you don’t regret this later, put a towel under your arm, slip on your sandals, go to Bačvice, and find a spot in the sand where you can watch the tireless effort of players as they insist on not dropping the ball in the sea. If you are fit and good at acrobatics, try a game of picigin yourself.

6. The fan spirit of Split is the opposite of the state described by the terms “pomalo” and “fjaka”. The people of Split are extraordinary fans, there is always an atmosphere, and in every sport, we play for all or nothing. Of course, the most attractive fans are at the Hajduk football games, but do not miss any sporting event. Become a part of Split.

7. I mentioned the football club whose features you will find in many public areas around Split. Do not mess with them because Hajduk is a saint. Full stop.

8. Split also has other saints: the Cathedral of St. Duje, Marjan hill, Diocletian’s Palace. We are reviving them and want to preserve them for the future generations of Split citizens and their guests. With your help, help us and support us in that purpose. Let’s protect our heritage and world heritage together. This year, we will mark 40 years since Diocletian’s Palace and its historic city core was listed in UNESCO.

9. Like all Mediterranean people, we are loud, but we do not like noise when we are resting. Especially at night and especially below our windows. We know that you are on holiday and you want to celebrate, but don’t do it by blasting loud music in your apartment, because people around you need a break to make sure they can be at your service and the service of other guests tomorrow.

10. At our beaches, you wear swimsuits, and everywhere else the appropriate clothes for this time of year. Walking around the city without clothes or a piece of clothing, or just in a swimsuit will see you pay a fine of 500 kuna right away or 1,000 kuna after the misdemeanor procedure has been carried out. Why would you give up a dozen pizzas or 20 beers when you have some 30 kilometers of beaches in Split where you can show off your figure?

Dear guests,

Our tourism professionals will do everything to make sure you have an enjoyable and memorable holiday. The people of Split are extraordinary hosts, will give you their soul and take your heart, and all that they seek in return is respect for their wellbeing and our heritage, inheritance, and customs. I conclude with a short formula for a great vacation, getaway, and experience: enjoy and respect us. And it will be great.”

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New Catamaran Service Connecting Airport to Split, Brac and Hvar

Great news for our guests looking to get from Split Airport to the islands of Brac and Hvar with the minimum of fuss, as well as a new way to get to downtown Split.

A new catamaran service started on June 1, which connects the bay at Resnik by the airport to downtown Split, Bol on Brac, and Stari Grad on Hvar.

The service will run daily until September 15 and includes a shuttle service to the bay from the airport as well as a complimentary drink on board. Some of the connections are direct, while others stop at the destinations mentioned above. But is it now possible, for example, to go from Stari Grad to the airport in just one hour.

You can see the timetable below, and more information about the service can be found on the Split Express website.

New Traffic Regulations Introduced in Split

Tourism in Central Dalmatia is booming, and nowhere is busier than the Dalmatian capital of Split. In order to meet the growing demand of an increasing number of visitors, there have been several major infrastructure upgrades in recent years, with more on the way.

The new airport terminal is scheduled for opening this summer, which follows the completion of the expanded connecting road to the city. A new bus station is underway and a light rail network has been introduced.

There are changes on the city’s roads as well, with some major changes in the traffic flow starting this week, with the aim of improving the current traffic situation. The City of Split has released this video below to explain the major changes.

The biggest announcement is an entirely one-way Zvonimirova Street, completely one-way traffic through the City Port, with no turn to Zagrebacka Street from the direction of the Port.

Thus, Zvonimirova street, just like last year, will be one-way, and four lanes will continue toward the city harbour. However, exiting the port will take place in only one direction, via Bacvice bridge. The lanes at the bus station are now turned the opposite direction, considering all buses will travel to Jadranska Street.

Furthermore, there will be a big bus stop at Gat Svetog Duje instead of the current roundabout and four new disabled parking places, and a new bus stop at Bijankinijeva Street. The flow of traffic will also change below the Koteks skyscraper.

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