A New Look for Popular Split Beach, Znjan

Split is evolving.

The city has seen exponential growth in recent years, and it has been working hard to put the infrastructure in place to meet that demand, as well as make its prime sites more attractive to visitors. Works on the riva and the harbour area have been ongoing for years, and now another part of the city, Znjan, is set for a complete makeover.

Many of the buildings at Znjan have been removed, and a complete new concept is in place to develop the area for the needs of both tourists and residents. While those plans being realised, Znjan will be in a state of transition, allowing some very cool events to take place there, such as a free concert from Simple Minds on May 5.

The plan for Znjan this summer is one of 16 temporary bars, four terraces and appropriate sanitary facilities in a project worth 11 million kuna.

As for the final plan for Znjan, it will look something like this, below.

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‘Smart Split’: Free WiFi on Buses and Beaches Coming to Dalmatian Capital

It is a modern reality that tourists these days need to be connected more than ever before. Whether it is to keep in touch with work back home or to post the latest magnificent sunset in Central Dalmatia onto Instagram, how to get online is one of the first things many visitors look for when arriving in a new destination.

Central Dalmatia is keeping pace with the change and working hard to make the destination more accessible to visitors with the availability of connectivity and technology. Here, of course, is the home of the famous smart bench from Ivan Mrvos in Solin, whose solar benches are now being exported all over the world.

Split, in particular, has been embracing new technology as well. It recently introduced a new parking app to help solve parking congestion, and the latest developments will bring free WiFi to more parts of the city, a move which will be welcomed by residents and visitors alike.

Teaming up with a local smart technology partner, the city already offers free WiFi on all public buses, and by the end of the year, this service will be extended to some of the most popular tourist parts of the city, including Znjan, Bacvice and the West Coast Riva.

Just one more positive trend to enable you to enjoy your magical stay in Central Dalmatia.

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The Rise of Brac Airport: 47,000 Passengers Expected

While the phenomenal growth at coastal airports such as Split and Dubrovnik continue to make the headlines, there is perhaps an even more amazing story to be told about another airport on the rise in the region – Bol Airport on the island of Brac.

Almost closed just a few years ago due to lack of traffic, the airport has seen a significant change of fortunes in the last couple of years, and this season looks set to welcome an impressive 47,000 passengers. More importantly for the island’s tourism businesses, the majority of these will be coming from direct international flights.

The runway was recently extended, and the dynamic airport management has worked hard to make the island as accessible as possible for visitors. 2018 is set be the busiest in the airport’s history, and the future looks even brighter, with more work on the runway planned so that Boeing 737s can land on the island.

Looking to fly directly to Brac this summer? You can do so from Amsterdam, Brussels, Deauville, Luxemburg, Ljubljana and Rotterdam.

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Norwegian Media: Split ‘This Year’s Must Make City Break’

More good press for Split in the Scandinavian media, as influential portal The Local writes about the city break not to be missed in 2018… Ever since the airline Norwegian introduced direct flights from Scandinavia, Split and Central Dalmatia have become an increasingly popular destination for Norwegians seeking some sun, and with flights now running as late as November, it is an ideal city break, for the weather and also for culture, gourmet and adventure tourism. Here is what The Local had to say:

“What makes the perfect city break? If it’s a combination of captivating culture, breathtaking scenery, a Mediterranean climate, and mouthwatering cuisine, then Split is a city that has it all.
It’s no wonder that it was named the best Croatian destination of 2017.

“Split’s history spans no fewer than 17 centuries, since the Roman Emperor Diocletian — a Croat himself — built his retirement palace on the peninsula near Salona, once the capital of the Roman province of Dalmatia.

“A city emerged in and around the palace, and miraculously it’s still there today. In fact, it forms around half of Split’s modern-day Old Town. In 1979, Diocletian’s Palace and the city’s historic centre were added to UNESCO’s World Heritage List.”

Sinj Tourist Board Wins ‘Plautilla’ International Cultural Tourism Award

If you are looking to learn more about the traditions of Central Dalmatia, there is perhaps no better town to visit than the inland Dalmatian town of Sinj.

Known as a very proud people, it was in Sinj that the Ottomans were repulsed in the famous 1715 Siege of Sinj, an event which is commemorated annually at the world-famous Alka knights’ tournament every August.

Dig a litter deeper into the fascinating town, whose rich history and heritage could easily sit in a town ten times its size, and the cultural treasures are everywhere.

One such treasure was internationally recognised last month, as the Sinj Tourist Board took third prize at the ‘Plautilla’ International Cultural Tourism Award, in the category of Best Cultural Tourism Product.

The bronze was awarded for the traditional handmade pottery from Potravlje. Congratulations!

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