Dragon’s cave

The Dragon’s Cave, which was used as a dwelling and a temple by the Glagolitic priests, who spent their monastic life there, reconciling two separate traditions – Christian and pagan. Even today, Slavic myths about werewolves, fairies and witches, about Orkomarin, a giant one-eyed dragon, “live” in the cave.  This combination of different beliefs and superstitions is shown in the relief after which the cave got its name. Also known as Dragonjina cave, it amazes people with its mysticism, secrecy and beauty. For all those who are eager for adventure and knowledge, a visit to the Dragon Cave is a must. During the summer months you should set out on this kind of expedition as early as possible. To get to the Dragon’s Cave, a hermit monastery 350 meters above sea level, it is best to start climbing early in the morning



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