Stone Cradle of the Written Word

Stari Grad, recognized as the stone cradle of the written word on Croatian soil, is a natural place of gathering where writers meet, nurture, and promote the written word. Under the wing of a series of festivals and events, a faithful audience gladly visits Stari Grad for its rich cultural contents. All of these events are held under the name Stari Grad-Faros: the Stone Cradle of the Written Word, a unique cultural brand which traditionally hosts Chakavian poetry evenings titled The Language of our Mothers and the International Festival of Literature Faro(pi)s. In addition to these two central manifestations, literary events are enriched with journalistic and other meetings promoting language and culture, as well as by direct interactions of authors and audience, making Stari Grad a special and distinguishable place for a unique, culturally enriched, vacation experience


Stari Grad



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