19. National Prosciutto Fair

The National Prosciutto Fair in Sinj, which this year takes place from March 22nd to 23rd, is one of the most prominent gastronomic events in Central Dalmatia. The fair brings together numerous producers of dried meat products who will have the opportunity to exhibit their products at adequate stands where visitors can taste and buy them. In addition to prosciutto and dry cured meat products, at the fair you can taste local cheeses, various liqueurs, wines, and traditional uštipci (fritter).

The leading producers of Dalmatian, Istrian and Drniš prosciutto and dry cured meat products from Croatia, numerous farmers, producers of Slavonian ham, representatives of pig breeders’ associations, retail chains, restaurateurs, hoteliers are all expected to participate and join the fair.

As in previous years, there will also be an evaluation of the quality and specificity of prosciutto, where the “champion” will be chosen among all the producers participating in the fair.




22. – 23.03.

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