Brač in a gourmet way

At the north of the island of Brač on the steep glade there is a place called Ložišća.First thing you will notice is the bell tower of Saint John and Paul church dominating the whole place. On the way towards Loižišća in the top of Big sinkhole where a river used to flow a bridge was built for the occasion of visit of Emperor Franz Joseph I to the island of Brač so local population nicknamed it Franzes Joseph bridge. Nerežišća is one of the smallest settlements on the island but rich with natural phenomena. A small pine tree on the roof of the small church of Saint Peter is a monument of nature 200 years old. In the quiet remote spot between the vineyard and olive orchard a feast is waiting for you in family restaurant , meat under „peka“ At the very entrance there are caves made of granular stone material called „hrapoćuša“ which gave name to the original cake. In local tavern you will be offered another speciality well known in the world of high gastronomy – „vitalac „.

Seeing the beauties of the west side of the island; visiting the bell tower and the church known for its pine tree on the roof; traditional lunch in the restaurant surrounded by the nature; visit to ecological ethno village Dol ;lunch in local tavern

Package can be organised  for a period of 3- 5 days. Framework  programme of activities for 4 days package includes : 1 day : arrival to Brač , accommodation in Postira , : exploring the west side of the island, lunch at the restaurant, 3. day : visit to eco-ethno village Dol known for Hrapoćuša and local specialities, visit of the village and lunch in local tavern ; 4. day: departure. Package can be realised in the period from May 1 up to October 31, for groups of 2 to 15 persons. Accommodation can be organised in hotels classified with  3* or 4* or in private apartments while the transport can be organised by car, van or bus. Professional guidance  in Croatian and English ;upon request in other languages too.  All these data are optional and not obligatory so please revert to us for final tender.






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