Uskok Battle for Klis

The historical and theatrical spectacle “The Uskoks Battle for Klis” is an international event organized by the Historical Unit “Klis Uskoks.” This two-day spectacle of living history, involving over 300 members of historical units and knightly groups from all over Croatia and Europe, transports visitors back to the Middle Ages and the period of defending Klis from the Ottomans.

The Uskoks Battle revives the medieval and Renaissance history with various cultural, musical, entertaining, and theatrical performances. Knightly tournaments in archery and sword fighting, fire juggling, archaic folk songs, sounds of bagpipes, drums, and gusle live, oriental music with belly dancers’ performances, camps set up at the northern foothill of the fortress depicting warrior life in the Middle Ages, different schools and workshops. All of this in an archaic setting of a fair of old crafts and trades, authentic dishes and drinks, handmade crafts, indigenous souvenirs, and other products of the Mediterranean region, with numerous exhibitors from Dalmatia and all of Croatia transport visitors back to the Middle Ages.





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