Solin springfest

The Springfest program consists of various events such as the opening of the festival with the event “Flower with the Core” which, in addition to the music program and food tasting, also offers interesting workshops for children. During the festival, interpretive walks such as the “King’s Tale from Solin” are held, and in cooperation with the Zdravi dan association, public health actions are also organized. In addition to the OPG fair in Gašpina mill. a number of interesting performances organized by GK Solin are also held as part of the festival.

On Saturday, June 15th, “Every day is a healthy day”, a program for the whole family, which we celebrate for the fourth time this year. 🤸‍♀️🤸

🫶 We invite everyone who wants to spend Saturday morning socializing, exercising and taking part in interesting workshops to join us.

👉 Also, arterial pressure, blood sugar values, body composition will be measured and you will be able to do a free mole examination.





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