Among the sea of festivals and events, only Dol, a picturesque village near Stari Grad, hosts the Puhijada.

he name of this unique gastronomic and entertainment festival derives, of course, from the puh, a small rodent that, insiders say, is a true culinary delicacy. In ancient times, puhovi (edible dormice) were treated as “Deorum cibus” – food of the gods, a tradition that practically hasn’t changed even in more recent times, making this village widely known for puhovi and the dedicated Puhijada.

Every August, the local association Tarjatun, dedicated to preserving the traditions of its region, organizes the Puhijada. Besides the gastronomic aspect, it offers a variety of sports, cultural, and entertainment activities.


Stari Grad


05.08. -10.08.

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