Underwater photography exhibition “Under the sea, under the earth”

From the sea and for the sea we live. It captivates us with its shades, sounds and scent. The Adriatic Sea hides some of the most breathtaking and miraculous scenes in its depths. One of them is the Blue Cave on the island of Biševo, which has been protected as a geomorphological monument of nature since 1951. It is a phenomenon that truly leaves no one indifferent. Only 15 inhabitants live on the island of Biševo, otherwise the most remote inhabited Croatian island. As the island is exposed to strong sea currents and winds, over the centuries the coast of Biševo was shaped in the form of high rocks and cliffs, while hidden bays hide one of the most beautiful beaches on the Adriatic. The island is extremely rich in caves, but according to many, the Blue Cave is the most beautiful cave, not only in Biševo but in the whole of Croatia. There is a special atmosphere in the morning when the sunlight enters through the underwater opening of the cave and illuminates the sandy bottom, creating a fascinating play of light and sky blue color that is reflected in the interior of the cave.

This year marks the 140th anniversary of the discovery of the Blue Cave, and the Tourist Board of the Split-Dalmatia County joined this special event, organizing a unique exhibition of underwater photography “Under the sea, under the earth”. This exhibition, which shows motifs of the undersea of the Vis archipelago and the Adriatic waters, will be held in the former military tunnel, Cape Gatula, on the island of Biševo on 20 June, and will be open until 1 October 2024.

Since the location of the exhibition is a tunnel (bunker), and the theme is underwater photography, we were guided by the concept of connecting the island “from the outside and the inside”, that is, as the name of the exhibition says, “under the sea – under the earth”, which symbolizes the silence under the sea and the silence under the earth, or life in the depths of the sea – life in the depths of the earth. Only few have had the opportunity to dive deep and experience a completely different world. For years, photographers Dalibor Andres, Danijel Frka, Ivana Grgić, Damir Zurub, Marjan Radović, Srđan Vrančić and Božidar Vukičević have faithfully captured and documented the secrets of the Adriatic underwater world. We are talking about the best underwater photographers whose photos have won first place in international competitions, and whose work has been recognized with numerous domestic and international awards. Thanks to them, we now have the opportunity to dive beneath the surface and become acquainted with extraordinary underwater landscapes. Mysterious sea caves, colorful reefs and vibrant inhabitants reveal themselves before us in their full splendor. These underwater photographs, captured by the skilled eyes of passionate divers and photographers, tell stories of history, of the magic of the Adriatic and Dalmatia.

Let these extraordinary scenes serve as a reminder for us to preserve that world from the detrimental impact of civilization. The island of Biševo, as part of the Vis archipelago, represents one of the last natural oases in the Mediterranean. Its natural beauty, rich history and unique atmosphere make it a place where sea and land blend in unparalleled harmony. 

Enjoy the depths of the Adriatic, in the heart of this mythical place, where reality and imagination meet in a gentle embrace.





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