The Secrets of Diocletian underworld

Split is a town of many underground mysteries but maybe the greatest mystery goes back to ancient times. Feel this completely original and unforgettable adventure.



Start your journey above the ground in the ancient town of Salona only 5km to the northeast from Split. We shall take you then to the underground and show you the 1700 years old Diocletian aqueduct.

Each visitor shall receive the safety equipment before the start and visitors shall travel under the ground for 1 km through the aqueduct until the passage becomes too narrow for passing. Our ultimate target is the center of Split where we shall explore the substructures of the palace that occupy almost half of the surface of the palace itself. Diocletian Palace is the only live monument of this kind in the world. Both under and above the ground stories from more than 1700 years ago represent the miracle worthwhile seeing

Exploring the ruins of Salona, entrance in underground aqueduct with the guide and speleologist; movement through the aqueduct for some 1 km; visit of the Diocletian palace above and under the ground; sightseeing of Diocletian substructures

Package can be organized for a period of three days. The indicative program of activities for three days package includes 1 day: arrival to Split, check-in, 2 day: breakfast, secrets of Diocletian underground and light lunch, 3. day: lunch, check-out. The package can be organized throughout the whole year for groups of 3-7 people. Accommodation in private apartments with 3 and 4 stars in the heart of Diocletian Palace. Transport from the accommodation to Salona and Diocletian aqueduct and back is included in the price as well as traditional meals and the use of safety equipment (fishing boots and helmet).  The transport at the arrival to the destination and departure can be organized by the agency with extra payment. Professional guidance in Croatian and English; upon request in other languages too.  All these data are optional and not obligatory so please revert to us for final tender.


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