Historic watchtower Tor

On the hill above Jelsa, there are the remains of a small fortification and a tower locally known as Tor. Standing at 235 meters above sea level this watchtower is an imposing rectangular building. The walls are made of massive blocks in dry-wall construction, with an entrance in the south wall. From Tor there is a wonderful view of Stari Grad, the island of Brač and the mainland. It is believed that the tower was built in the 4th or 3rd century BC, during the Iron Age.  It is Hellenistic in style, but it is not certain whether it was actually built by the Greeks who founded their colony in Pharos (modern-day Stari grad) in the 4th century BC or by the Illyrians who were their predecessors in the area and whose architecture was known to be influenced by Greek styles. This is why Tor is referred to as Greek, Illyrian or Greco-Illyrian



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