The Church of St. Rocco

Legend has it that St Roch or Rocco, renowned as a protector from plague and other infectious diseases, banished plaque from Sutivan and in the process fell and hurt his knee. The knee continues to bleed on the lovely wooden statue which is moved to the Parish church during the procession on the 16th of August, only to be brought back to its original church on the namesake hill seven days later. His loyal dog that helped him in sickness and asceticism is right beside him and is nowadays celebrated as patron saint of dogs. Beautiful and ornate golden jewellery worn by Rocco in the procession is part of a great Sutivan art treasury that is partly kept in the parish office near the Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the rest in the church museum. The church tower provides a unique panoramic view of Sutivan, a town with two bell towers



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