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Trail info
Length3.00 km
Elevation564 m
Asphalt: 0.80 km
Macadam: 2.20 km
Bottom elevation352 m
Top elevation564 m
Start pointNerežiišća
End pointZvirin dolac


Nerežišća, for many centuries the administrative centre of Brač (until 1828), is known for its valuable heritage in the form of its sacral architecture and arts, but also for its exceptional water supply system. Due to the lack of surface water courses and the increased salinity of its underground waters, Brač was in the past often and quite rightly referred to as the ‘waterless island’. Until the 1970s, when drinking water was brought to the island by means of an underwater pipeline from the River Cetina, collecting rainwater was of crucial importance for life on the island. Getting by in such circumstances resulted in some of the best examples of building water supply systems. The most prominent ones can be found in the village of Nerežišća.

  • Start 43º 19’ 49.458” N / 16º 34’ 24.859” E
    Church of St. Peter in Nerežišća, start towards the east (uphill)
  • 0.10 km continue straight on
  • 0.15 km turn right
  • 0.25 km turn sharp left
  • 0.40 km next to the Parish Church of Our Lady of Carmel, turn right uphill
  • 0.80 km leave the asphalt and move onto a gravel path
  • 1.20 km pass the first water supply, Cura
  • 1.80 km pass the second water supply, Dunaj
  • 3.00 km leave the gravel path and go onto an asphalt road (Zvirin Dolac)

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