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Trail info
Length8.14 km
Elevation73 m
Asphalt: 2.90 km
Macadam: 5.24 km
Bottom elevation1 m
Top elevation73 m
Start pointVrboska
End pointVrboska


Because of its large number of small bridges, Vrboska is often referred to as ‘Little Venice’. But it is not only the bridges that make this small town located in a deep wooded cove in the northern part of the island of Hvar particularly significant. The church-fortress of St. Mary of Mercy, probably erected in 1575 and fortified by 1579, is particularly impressive. This is one of the most striking examples of a building in the Adriatic that combines elements of both sacral and fortification architecture. 

  • Start 43º 10’ 53.083” N / 16º 40’ 19.549” E
    In front of Vrboska Tourism Office, head along the eastern side of the Riva
  • 0.30 km arrival at the Church of St. Peter; from here, return 30 m and turn westwards towards the church-fortress of St. Mary of Mercy
  • 0.50 km church-fortress of St. Mary of Mercy
  • 0.60 km Parish Church of St. Lawrence (Sveti Lovre)
  • 0.80 km turn right into a lane towards the channel; on arriving at the channel, turn right
  • 0.90 km turn left over the bridge to the other side of the channel; from the bridge, turn right and continue eastwards by the sea
  • 1.80 km from the asphalt, turn onto the path that leads along the sea
  • 3.10 km continue across the beach along the sea
  • 5.30 km cross the car park area; arrive at an asphalt road and continue westwards
  • 5.80 km turn right
  • 6.50 km go along the trail to the right
  • 6.90 km turn left, uphill
  • 7.10 km arrive at Kaštilac tower at Zaglav, and then continue straight on to an asphalt path
  • 7.80 km arrive at the sea and then turn right
  • 7.90 km turn left over the bridge
  • 8.14 km return to the starting point

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