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Trail info
Length3.92 km
Elevation85 m
Asphalt: 1.76 km
Macadam: 2.16 km
Bottom elevation1 m
Top elevation85 m
Start pointNečujam
End pointNečujam


The cove of Piškera near the village of Nečujam on the northern side of the island of Šolta hides the ruins of a Roman maritime villa and its fishpond (piscina vivarium), whose traces can still be seen under the sea. A local saying has it that the villa was owned by one of the greatest rulers of the Roman Empire, the Emperor Diocletian (247-316). The way to Diocletian’s fishpond leads through Nečujam, the most beautiful cove on Šolta, known for its wonderful beaches, well-preserved coast and stunning cultural and historical monuments, such as the Late Gothic Church of St. Peter and a country house in which Marko Marulić (1450-1524), the ‘father of Croatian literature’, resided.

  • Start 43º 23’ 1.932” N / 16º 19’ 28.632” E
    Church of St. Peter in the eastern part of the cove; follow the coast westwards
  • 1.04 km Piškera Cove
  • 1.50 km Diocletian’s fishpond
  • 1.63 km arrival at an asphalt road; continue left
  • 1.82 km turn left
  • 2.07 km arrival at an asphalt road (Nečujam-Grohote main road); turn left and after 15 m go right, across the road, onto the gravel path
  • 2.62 km view of Grohote; turn left
  • 3.30 km arrival at the main road; continue left
  • 3.54 km cross the road and continue right
  • 3.92 km go through Nečujam to the beach

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