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Trail info
Length2.15 km
Elevation27 m
Asphalt: 2.15 km
Macadam: 0 km
Bottom elevation1 m
Top elevation27 m
Start pointSupetar
End pointSupetar


The memory of the life and work of Ivan Rendić (1849-1932), the first Croatian sculptor of the modern period, occupies a special place in the cultural heritage of the town of Supetar. In search of his creative opus, which includes realistic portraits and allegoric figures, we go to the most remarkable and oldest parts of the historic town centre of Supetar. 

  • Start 43º 23’ 1.074” N / 16º 33’ 13.178” E
    On the Riva in Supetar, at the start of Kipara Ivana Rendića Street; go eastwards along the street
  • 0.30 km turn left into Petra Jakšića Street
  • 0.40 km turn right into Ive Jakšića Street
  • 0.75 km turn right into 8. Ožujka Street, and immediately after 20 m again turn right into Ignjata Joba Street (this continues all the way to the Riva), and then go along the Riva to the western side of Supetar harbour
  • 1.20 km turn left
  • 2.15 km Cape of St. Nicholas

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