Marjan Radović

Marjan Radović was born in 1976 in Zagreb, he has a master’s degree in engineering in geodesy and geoinformatics, he is a professional photographer and videographer and diving instructor. He is a member and instructor of reputable diving organizations such as Scuba Schools International (SSI), PSS and NAUI. In addition to underwater photography, he is also a snowboarding and martial arts instructor.

In 2000 he started taking up photography. From the beginning, he strives to offer a unique and fresh perspective of the sea, pools, models, divers, coral reefs, fish, caves and shipwrecks. Fascinated by the beauty of the underwater world, he went far beyond the Adriatic Sea, exploring the Atlantic Ocean, the Caribbean and the Red Sea. In addition to diving in the seas, Radović is the first diver in the world to dive and record the ice-bound Plitvice Lakes.

He is the winner of numerous Croatian and international awards for underwater photography and has been published all over the world. He exhibited his works at more than 150 solo exhibitions and approximately 100 group exhibitions.

His professional achievements include the roles of Red Bull photographer, Nikon ambassador and Mares ambassador. He is the official underwater photographer and videographer of international diving championships, expert associate and photo editor for specialized diving magazines and portals, and director of photography at the international underwater photography and film festival, author of numerous advertising photographs, and author of numerous underwater and sports photography workshops.

He is currently working on his projects “A View into the Blue”, CROATIA 50/50 and The Art of Motion Project. Through these initiatives, he strives to bring the enchanting beauty of the Croatian underwater world and the Adriatic Sea closer to the Croatian and international public and calls the public to social responsibility and the constant value of promoting ecology and marine conservation.

Marjan Radović’s dedication to his craft, his talent and his tireless search for innovation firmly established him as a prominent figure in the world of photography, underwater research and environmental protection.

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