The Velić Grab Thematic Trail

The Velić – Grab thematic trail (6 km) encompasses various landmarks of the same-name places, such as historical-archaeological sites, architectural and ethnographic heritage, speleological objects, pristine nature, traditional old routes between Velić and Grab, the Grab mills, the significant landscape, and the source of the river of the same name. Visitors can explore and view the features and landmarks used by the inhabitants of these areas in their daily lives, which we inherit through our rich history but are unfortunately now neglected and forgotten.

The goal of the thematic trail is to revive awareness of all the described values of these micro-locations, further educate the local population, encourage sports and recreation, and integrate these features into the tourist offer for domestic and foreign tourists, recreationalists, walkers, hikers, nature lovers, and similar.

The trail features 16 locations marked with information boards that are thoroughly elaborated and described in Croatian and English, as well as rest areas with additional amenities, a beautiful viewpoint above Grab, and a panoramic view of the centuries-old mills and the place.

Points of Interest:

  1. Large Elliptical Pond and Bunarina Pond
  2. Roman Mile
  3. Old and New Church of Our Lady of the Rosary, Serdarica
  4. Stećci (medieval tombstones)
  5. Maginčića Well
  6. Cave – Speleological Object
  7. Tijesak-Kamenica
  8. Gomile (prehistoric burial mounds)
  9. Vranjača Pit – Speleological Object
  10. Threshing Floor
  11. Traditional Heritage
  12. Rest Stops
  13. Karst Phenomenon, Strujina Pit
  14. Rest Stop Škaljuša
  15. Grab Mills
  16. Significant Landscape






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