Church / fortress of St. Mary and Lapidary

Parish Church of St. Fabijan and Sebastian is mentioned in the Hvar Statute in 1331 as Santa Maria di Ielsa, but it is not known when it changed title. The church expanded in the 15th century to three naves. Due to the danger from the Turks, it took the form of a fortress in 1535, and was subsequently fortified in 1573. At the end of the 19th century, the church was thoroughly renovated and a new bell tower was added. The church has four chapels: two larger ones from the 17th century and two smaller ones from the 19th century. Between the church/fortress and the defensive wall is the Lapidarium. In 1970, the Center for Culture of the Island of Hvar placed about twenty stone objects from the ancient and medieval era in that space. Among them are: a tombstone from the Roman period, a relief of Nicholas the Florentine from the 15th century, the Venetian lion, the stone table of the knight Ivan Obradić



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