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The Guardian Chooses Imotski Lakes for Your 2023 Holiday

The Guardian Chooses Imotski Lakes for Your 2023 Holiday

The Guardian started the new year with inspiration for travelers. In doing so, the British daily newspaper named 23 European destinations for you to visit this year. One destination in Dalmatia has made the prestigious list; no, it’s not Split. 

Namely, The Guardian chose the town of Imotski and its famous lakes as a go-to destination in 2023! They stated that just half an hour’s drive east of the Adriatic resort Baška Voda “is one of the most beautiful inland Croatian regions.”

“A half-hour’s drive east from the Adriatic resort of Baška Voda is one of Croatia’s loveliest inland regions. Eleven lakes dot the karst landscape surrounding the town of Imotski, with the most dramatic, Blue Lake, bordering the town. Scrub-covered limestone cliffs rise from an enormous sinkhole filled with vivid blue water. This lake is swimmable by those who follow a winding path to the valley bottom. Along with Biokovo nature park, Imotski’s lakes are a contender for gaining Unesco status in 2023.”

The well-known British magazine also stated that for only 56 pounds (64.6 euros), you could rent a double room in a nearby hotel. Apart from Imotski, they also praised numerous other destinations, such as Malaga in Spain, Versailles in France, and Leipzig in Germany.

If you don’t know much about Imotski, don’t worry. However, it’s time for that to change. Imotski is an old town located at the crossroads of Inland Dalmatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. It has all the characteristics of a coastal town, thanks mainly to its climate and the urban architecture of the old town core.

The town has been inhabited since prehistory, when its Topana was built in the early medieval age. Over the centuries, Imotski has seen many rulers and influences, from Illyrian, Roman, Medieval, and Ottoman to Venetian, French and Austrian. After it was liberated from the Ottoman Empire in 1717, the town developed and saw most of its growth in the 19th and early 20th centuries. In more recent times, Imotski’s citizens turned to tourism thanks to its cultural heritage and natural landmarks, like the Blue and Red Lakes. 

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