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Popular Theater by the Sea Continues with Events throughout Winter

Popular Theater by the Sea Continues with Events throughout Winter

Theater by the Sea started two years ago in Split as a summer theater festival in the Lora area. In the first two years, it achieved an enviable number of 104 performances in two summer seasons, which were visited by more than 27,000 people, which confirms that the locals loved the event, which were always sold out. In the second summer season, in addition to Split, the festival was also held in Makarska, Supetar, and Trogir. This fall, it launched an autumn-winter season in the Lora hall! 

This manifestation started the new year with sold-out hit plays, and the popularity of the Children’s Theater in Lora is also slowly growing.

“From the beginning, we emphasize how important it is for us to dedicate ourselves to children and their theatrical adventures. Apart from the greatest joy of seeing children’s smiling faces after performances, we should all be aware that there is no future without them. The theater is a beautiful experience for children that can learn so much about life. I can happily say that the Children’s Theater in Lora came to life to the fullest. We had a series of plays and premieres and all were sold out on all dates. The Christmas play How the Elf Saved Christmas 2 broke all records with as many as 11 sold-out shows in just a few days.

Children visit the Theater by the Sea, organized through schools and kindergartens, but we also have shows for children on sale. And both versions have proven to be successful for us so far. Therefore, we thank all the caretakers, teachers, and professional staff who recognized the Theater by the Sea and came to the Lora hall in an organized manner, not only from Split and its surroundings but from almost the entire Split-Dalmatia County. And a special thank you to the moms, dads, aunts, and grandparents who take their time and take their little ones to the theater,” said Tadija Kolovrat. 

The children’s theater performs on February 3rd with an exciting show that encourages children to consider their problems and inspires them to search for answers to all essential life questions. It is intended for children from 10 to 15 years of age.

And as soon as the Children’s Theater came to life and began to develop, the organizers went one step further and dedicated themselves to the Youth Theater! After the Children’s Theater, this step is a logical sequence, since there are several excellent theater performances on the market for teenagers, i.e., upper grades of elementary and high school. But at the same time, this age group is the most difficult to attract to the theater if the audience is not systematically educated from an early age. Therefore, the Theater for Youth aims to show them with a carefully selected repertoire how interesting the theater can be if they give it an hour of attention.

The youth theater at the Lora hall opens on February 7th with “Bobočka or the other 100 pages of Filip Latinovicz,” performed by Ecija Ojdanić and Matija Šakoronja, and directed by Ivan Leo Lema. Another novelty this year is the Theater by the Sea gift card. 

“Theater by the Sea appreciates its audience, and we always listen to their needs. As our audience often buys tickets for performances as a birthday or other gift, we decided to announce gift cards that can be used multiple times for the full offer of events. The gift card is a unique gift for all occasions. The person gifted the card decides what they want to see throughout the year. So, it is an ideal gift for all occasions,” concluded Tadija Kolovrat, executive producer of Theater by the Sea. 

Source: Dalmacija Danas

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