‘Marinska bitka 1657’

Reconstruction of the battle from 1657, in which three women from Marine, dressed in men’s uniforms, participated in the fight against the superior Turks





Legend has it that it happened during the longest and most difficult Turkish-Venetian conflict called the Candian War

Marina experienced the most difficult days in its history at that time. The most interesting thing related to the defense of Marina against the Turks is related to 30 armed young women dressed in men’s uniforms who actively participated in the battle. The names of some of these heroines and their deeds are well known. Kata Despotova and Matuša Škriljina, fought dressed in men’s clothes and when the Turks captured them and found out that they were women, they didn’t kill them, but took them away. The third brave woman, a girl named Jele Marunova, not wanting to surrender set fire to several kegs of gunpowder in the tower where women and children were sheltered and killing along a large number Turks

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