A petit and serene pearl amidst the riviera with kilometres of fairy-tale beaches and crystal-clear sea


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Beaches and coves
Drvenik is located on the Makarska Riviera, meaning that the pebbled beaches go on for kilometres, the coves are unexplored and authentic, and the sea is turquoise and crystal clear. Duba, Vir and Lučica coves, and Donja and Gornja Vala beaches are a representative example of the pristine Mediterranean and a cure for body and soul
Gradina fortification complex
The mention of a fortified complex on a hill called Gradina goes back to the 15th century. It was occupied by the Ottoman forces and burned in 1686. The fortification complex originally consisted of a defensive wall and a series of embrasures and a multi-storey tower with a series of embrasures in the north following the topography of the hill
Mountaineering and SkyWalk Biokovo
Drvenik is embraced by the mount Biokovo, alike the destinations in its immediate vicinity. It is one of the largest Croatian mountains encircled by a nature park inhabited by endemic plant and animal species. Biokovo is a favourite destination of mountaineers with dozens of trails, and the SkyWalk viewpoint located at an altitude of more than 1,200 metres will leave every visitor breathless

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To experience Drvenik means to enjoy a quality vacation far from the urban centres, swim in crystal clear sea and rejoice in a combination of mountain and sea landscape

In Drvenik find cycling paths for all types of riders. From a leisurely ride along the well-maintained promenades by the sea, through hilly macadam trails that require good fitness and dexterity, all the way to the “Alberto Fortis” downhill trail intended for those searching for adrenaline spikes
Test your kayaking skills, and at the same time discover inaccessible and hidden beaches, coves, and reefs, and watch an unforgettable sunset paddling along the crystal clear sea
In the vicinity of the Gradina fortification complex, that also serves as a viewpoint, there are two marked climbing rocks with directions for beginners making it accessible to all level climbers, all year round
When in Drvenik, be sure to try fish and seafood specialities, grilled or in a salad. This place is known for its ancient fishing tradition, therefore local fishermen are the most important restaurant suppliers. Catch of the day is served in the restaurant that very evening. Could it get more fresh or authentic?

Ferry connection to Hvar

Next to Split, Drvenik is the only shore town in Croatia directly connected by ferry to Hvar, one of the best tourist destinations. The reason lies in the geographical length of Hvar, whose relief stretches far south approaching the coast. Sućuraj on Hvar, located in the very south of the island, and Drvenik on the coast are practically neighboring towns and have been connected by boat lines that operate several times a day since the sixties of the last century

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Sunbathing, swimming, and outdoor activities are not the only advantages of Drvenik. It is a destination of rich heritage just waiting to be discovered

01 Kostanića greb
02 Church of St. George
03 Church of St. Rocco

The beaches in Drvenik are mostly pebbly and have a great choice of restaurants and facilities for children. They have plenty of shade and are ideal for spending a relaxing day out

Length of beaches in Drvenik in kilometres


Unspoiled nature, landscaped olive groves, viewpoints from which you can see the bays of Drvenik and the Adriatic coast will enchant every visitor. With its kilometer – long promenade along the sea, spacious beaches that provide shade during the summer heat, hiking trails and sports and entertainment facilities, Drvenik is a perfect destination for an enjoyable holiday


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Here are some suggestions on everything you need for a comfortable visit. Find activities to do and spend your time exactly as you prefer. If you need a place to stay, we prepared a handy list of hotels.

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Due to its micro-location, Drvenik is an ideal starting point for one-day trips to surrounding destinations. Discover the authentic Dalmatia

A world-renowned hit destination and the capital of the Mediterranean where antiquity and hedonism meet
A wonderous city under the UNESCO’s protection
A pirate town located at the mouth of the River Cetina, with narrow streets that will impress you
Makarska rivijera
Heavenly beaches and crystal-clear sea in hit destinations of Baška Voda, Brela and Makarska
An island with thousand wonders, best known for its beach Zlatni rat
An island of exceptionally rich history where the origins of Dalmatian and ancient culture were found
Authentic and untouched island, ideal for adventurers and those resisting commercial content
The island with the world’s most famous beach – Stiniva, but also the guardian of the Blue Cave on the islet Biševo
Walk the Game of Thrones paths and explore the ancient fortress Klis
The host of Sinjska Alka, a chivalric tournament with a 300-year-old tradition, and an ideal starting point for an excursion to the source of River Cetina
Take a walk along the Imotski field, taste the River Vrljika and feast your eyes on the Blue and Red Lake


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