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Pakleni islands
Hvar is the sunniest island on the Adriatic Sea, with beaches, bays, cliffs, and reefs that rank it among the most indented in the Mediterranean. The group of islets stretching in front of the town of Hvar called Pakleni islands are unique and the most recognizable natural beauty of Hvar. The playful landscape of wooded islets immersed in clear water and countless hidden beaches and pristine bays represent a true oasis. The most famous beach on Pakleni islands is Palmižana, that also carries the title of the most beautiful beach in the world by numerous tourist magazines
UNESCO heritage
Hvar has as many as six entries on the list of cultural heritage of humanity. The widely known procession “Za Križen” (following the cross) and agave lace made by Hvar’s Benedictines were the first representatives on the list. Three years later, klapa singing made it to the list as well. In 2013, UNESCO included the Mediterranean diet on this prestigious list, with islands of Hvar and Brač as the Croatian representatives. In addition to the intangible heritage, that you can experience on Hvar and take with you to your homes, it should be noted that Stari Grad, Stari Grad Plain and dry-stone walls are also on the UNESCO’s list. It is the oldest cadastral subdivision in the Mediterranean established by the ancient Greeks
Exceptional gastronomy
Hvar is truly a special place for those passionate about gastronomy and wine. Throughout the year, numerous restaurants offer authentic Hvar cuisine made with fresh local ingredients that are a true appetite opener. Hvar has been a well-known oenological destination for hundreds of years, and the history of winemaking on Hvar is one of the origins of today’s excellence of Hvar winemakers. The extraordinary configuration of terrain, the composition of the soil and the warm sun are responsible for the brilliant drops originating from Hvar

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On the island of Hvar, enjoy exceptional gastronomy but also the charms of an active holiday for body and soul

Hvar Gregada is a simple, yet delicious fish dish that is great for lunch or dinner. It is one of the oldest fisherman’s dishes that used to be prepared from small white fish that was no good for any other way of cooking besides cooking it like this with vegetables
Starogrojski Paprenjok is a dessert that absolutely prevails on Hvar. It is a traditional version of a gingerbread with various spices. This sweet has been present in the life of people of Hvar for more than 500 years and is included in the list of protected cultural assets
Set sail by boat and get to know the hidden towns on Hvar or head to the nearby islands and indulge in various sea and adrenaline activities such as sailing, water skiing, diving, kayaking
If you like being active, then Hvar is the place for you. The entire island is networked with hundreds of kilometres of cycling and hiking trails. While you’re actively engaged, enjoy the wonderful view and clean air

The cradle of
european tourism

Hvar celebrates 155 years of organized tourism. The Hygiene Society was the first tourist association in Croatia and Europe. They have intensively promoted tourism in Hvar positioning it as the most important economic branch. Today, Hvar is listed on the world tourist map as one of the most interesting destinations, which attracts tourists from all over the world offering different contents throughout the year.


Stari Grad
Stari Grad
Grad Hvar
Grad Hvar

Dynamic and unique, Hvar is a luxurious island where culture and lifestyle are closely interwined in a small area, from beautiful hills with scattered vineyards, historical stones walls to sunny beaches. The natural beauty of the environment is combined with the charisma of city life together with countless cultural and recreational activities along the 270 kilometres of coastline

Hours of sunshine per year


This fact most probably tells the story of ideal weather conditions of the island of Hvar. It is the sunniest Croatian island, one of the sunniest in the Mediterranean, and characterized by mild winters and long, warm summers. Great insolation makes it possible to swim in the sea from May to October, and for those who are a little braver even longer. The island of Hvar is weatherwise very pleasant all year round

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